Our Vision

Our goal is to provide an as accurate as “practical” reboot of the SNES Shadowrun game while still utilizing all the new capabilities of Shadowrun Returns. The story will be fully recognizable by SNES veterans. There are NO plans to change it. The game itself will be made accessible to those who have never stepped foot into the shadows before as well.

Here are the changes we predict will be included and more importantly why.
They will not all be evident in early releases of the module, the initial releases will focus on the core story as portrayed by the SNES. Future releases will present more options.

Combat Balancing

Completely different systems are going to completely change combat. No clue how yet, but NPCs will not have the same stats as before. I might also permit any non-plot critical NPC to be attacked, but that has yet to be decided. For the latest on balancing you can view Enemies and Shadowrunners.


I admit, I kind of like the keyword system. At least until I have to scour the map for a specific missing keyword or cycle through a list of 20 keywords to get a single usable reply. Initial releases will be similar to keywords, but the ultimate goal is to have it be an actual conversation. The system will utilize the updated conversation system and skill checks as much as possible, though in the end it will probably end up being a hybrid skill/keyword system.


There is NOT a one to one gear match between the systems. There are different types of weapons and different leveled equipment. This will be matched the best possible, but expect there to be differences. Also the way armor is implemented may be completely different.

Graphics and Maps

I can guarantee there won’t be a one to one art relationship. I could wait until things get hacked or released, but then who knows when the module will be ready. I will match things as closely as possible, but in order to get a timely release compromises and changes will have to be made. Fortunately at this point it appears the graphics sets are “good enough” that I won’t have to leave out, or heavily modify, any scenes. As expansions are released with new or better visuals the game may be updated though I hope to support a “Steam free” version as well.

Hitmen and Random Encounters

Playing through the game the hitmen were massively annoying. They weren’t really useful for leveling or nuyen because you could just go to the various spawning rooms. They still will be present BUT they will be much less obnoxious. They will not always spawn on map load, they will tend to trigger when you make the wrong step. Depending on the amount of effort required, this will also be randomized to an extent, but ultimately I expect players will learn how to avoid them AND I will likely present an option to flee without fighting them. Lastly, I intend to disable them if/when they become completely ineffectual against the player’s armor.

Increased Flexibility

The change away from keywords, and the addition of skills, will also grant us more freedom. You will still need to interact with some key individuals to advance the plot but the reboot will be more flexible. Using STEALTH will be an option WITHOUT invisibility. You will be able to use whatever weapon you want, and you will not be forced to change weapon types. Also, some of those mysterious locked doors may even open (in the future after the core game is ready). These changes will not be available until after the initial release of the complete game.


The Hacking mini game will be replaced with SR:R’s matrix equivalent. Details on this are minimal at this point, but it will be a HUGE improvement over playing minesweeper. This will not be in the initial releases because I want to see how the official game plays out.

Player Character

Jake’s awakening and his run gone sour were the two major plot driving points in the story. Really though these could have happened to anyone. You will not be FORCED to play as Jake. He will certainly be an option, but you will be able to make any new character you want. After all, Jake was a Jack-of-all-trades.

I also have plans down the line for permitting more experienced characters to play. That should be viewed as a stretch goal of sorts and it will have no impact on the story.

If you wish to play as Jake, you can!
If you wish to play as someone else, you can!

Based on my current knowledge of the editor there is no reason to prevent this. Who you play as should have zero impact on the module. (Of course the module does dictate the back story and awakening).

Our Vision

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