SNES Shadowrun

Matrix Mapping

I’m ready to begin mapping the Matrix.
I’ve tested out most of my ideas for proof of concept.
I need to know what people want for an approach though!

Reply here, the facebook page, or on steam.



hoi ledeir or foh? there seems to be a pretty even spread of opinion from what i see on steam.

i have my opinions and they are probably stuff thats already been covered but ill chip in all the same.. i think whatever we come up with the main point is to not make it a grind. and all we need to do that is to have a bit of variety really.

firstly, some traditional ‘minesweeper’ runs are a must – at least at the start for a big shoutout to the snes.

ah this is what i was talking about with making the matrix ‘pipes’ tiles… good old sliding puzzles. we’d need to get a serious logic nut to figure out how to program it eh lol. id really love it if we can achieve this for at least a few of the matrix runs – though its a pretty tall order i completely understand if its not included.

i think what was mentioned about mirroring RL is important for; access points, mainframe points, turrets, doors, datastores – all the regular things that can be affected by deckers and riggers. what i feel though is that because its the matrix we can afford quite a large amount of abstraction – scale and walls and all can be completely ignored. and of course whatever happens inside a computer or mainframe doesnt have to have much relation to RL at all.

as far as gameplay attached to puzzles goes, theres;

‘if you do this wrong an ic appears’ and ‘if you do this wrong you get booted and have to start again’ as punishments.

i’d also like to see ‘if you do this right – you control this ic’ and ‘if you do this right enemy decker gets booted from matrix’

in which id like to see ‘matrix masks’ as a limited amount of special items that allow the player to slip past the main defenses to be able to modify core programs.

and with hacking. some simple riddles might not go astray? password retrieval sort of thing – ie Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I? (fire)

just some ideas, hope some of this is useful

Matrix Mapping
ledeir ledeir

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