SNES Shadowrun

Dark Blades mansion exterior and Gunshop

uploaded to dropbox, the lighting for the exterior db map should probably be very close to the lighting of the streets, though not essentially.

2013 10 13 00002

2013 10 13 00006

2013 10 13 00003

2013 10 13 00005

2013 10 13 00004

2013 10 13 00001

not sure if its possible, but id like it if the turret in the gunshop followed the main character around, failing that, have it on an ai patrol thing.


wow, looks great!
the exterior feels really creepy :)

awesome work again, thomas!


regarding the lighting: i think it would be no problem when the light in front of the manor is somewhat different from the light on the streets. sure it is not very logical but that green creepy swamp look is too cool to give up ^^


The exterior might be a bit big. Maybe we should shrink it.


I’m going to second that it should probably be shrunk a bit.
That is one complaint we received a lot in the beginning, things were too big.
It looks great though.


mmm yeh i see where you guys are coming from, personally i think its quite reasonable for a mansion garden. the w-e dimensions are perfect match to the interior, the n-w dimensions could be shrunk a row or two to achieve an acceptable level of shrunk. either way, once this is at 2nd draft the front fence will have to be copy-pasted to the dt west street map for continuity


Careful, you might convince us to request that the interior is shrunk as well ;)
(half teasing)

From an artistic perspective, no complaints, its strictly from a play-ability perspective.
Because they are not directly connected people won’t realize, unless they count, that they match up. I would recommend removing two rows from each side of the building.

That will shrink the distance by two full moves while still giving lots of space to show your excellent design.

Shrinking North to South is less important since people will largely follow the sidewalk, but a couple rows couldn’t hurt.


yeh alright ill put it on a diet


ok skinny version is done


Excellent. Where should I find it?


Your updates are in the dropbox as “geeked/20131017 SNES Tenth Street Demo.rar” right?


thats it hope its what youre after


checking in – is the map good or does it need more shrinking?


Assuming I saw right, it looked like the left side shrunk but the right stayed the same…
(unless I miscounted)
It might be good to shrink a bit more.
Alternatively we can see what the fans say.


yeh you saw right, i also took off a row n-s. course id rather not change it any more as the side i didnt touch is a lot trickier to change. if it has to change ill do it


I suggest to wait for the next update and then do all shrinking on the latest version of the dark blade foyer. I did quiet some stuff there and i am not sure how all of it can be merged safely.


It’s in the dropbox “20131018 SNES Tenth Street Demo”.


Did you grab the already shrunk version that Thomas uploaded? Or do I need to merge them?


you would need to merge them.


Thanks for the warning. I’ll run through it once to make sure I know how it works, then merge the changes, then check afterwards…


don’t know which version thomas worked on.
today i updated the door from foyer to kitchen, scene transition to the catacombs not working and a bit work on the kitchen tables (there was a spot where you could run through the table).


20131017 is the latest edit


Updated. Everything should be merged.
Let me know if the map looks at all odd.
Grab the latest copy, V1.7.2 before doing anything else.
In dropbox as “SNES Tenth Street Demo 2013-10-19”
I don’t think all the stillettos properly changed clothing. (the ones who were made elves weren’t changed)


Ok, i’ll work on the stilettos again then. Remove the elves and give the orks mohawks ^^

ledeir ThomasSmart

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