Bugs reported on V2.0.3.11

Tenth Street

1. When going into the dark alley, you enter combat mode immediately, instead of after you hear the gunshot and get a message. And the ork never attacked me even after I waited for 4 turns running around by him.
-V2.0.4.0: Moved spawner activation to gunshot trigger

2. I selected “leave the item alone” when I went to pick up the armored clothes (which was odd that it prompted me, since I had a new character with an empty inventory). Then the body disappeared and I got no new armor.
-V2.0.4.0: Fixed Jacket logic

Future Action: Put a magic merchant of some sort in the alley once you meet dog.

3. The Grim Reaper Club entrance point shows a D-pad arrow thing. But if you click on it, nothing happens. You have to walk past it to enter the club.
-V2.0.4.0: That one doesn’t require clicking. Moved it further back to make it less obvious. Will consider changing it to a click.

4. Missing street tile just North/East of the Grim Reaper club, right between a building and a light pole, before you transition to the Cemetery/Cage street.
-V2.0.4.0: Unsure if I found the right spot. Please provide a screenshot.
-V2.0.4.1: Confirmed fixed.

5. I got pulled into a random encounter in front of Grim Reaper, but the guy never attacked me when I stood right next to him, until I actually took a shot at him first.
-V2.04.0: Adjusted all enemies to spawn with “hunt and destroy” instead of “protect”. This did not seem to make any difference so added an order to attack. Resolved.

6. In the first transition into the street in front of the Cemetery/Cage, there’s a gap in the pavement tiles of a few pixels (nitick, and I know playing with the editor that sometimes you just have to live with this).
-V2.0.4.0: I need a screenshot. I’m not seeing it.

7. Grim Reaper club manager has no picture/avatar?
-V2.0.4.0: No clue how that happened. fixed.

8. If you ever go back to the dark alley, it still says “you follow Decker down the alley”, even though he’s already dead.
-V2.0.4.0: Will update in future.

9. I clicked on the door to go to a new area by the monorail station to go into the building (Tenth Street Restaurant) so I can find the apartment key, but then I cancelled out. I was then unable to enter the building even if I clicked on the door any more. So I went to transition in the area by the monorail, and the game froze.
-V2.0.4.0: Unfortunately I am familiar with that. I need to think on how to fix it.

10. When I go to enter Tenth Street Restaurant, it asks me if I want to call for support (is this correct? I have no runners hired yet… and not very much money, either). Same goes for Tenth Street Apartments.
-V2.0.4.0: Will probably be fixed the same time I fix #9

11. You cannot seem to transition from the area outside of the Tenth Street Apartments to Tenth Street Center by clicking on the square with the 4 arrows around it. You have to sort of “walk past” or “into” it to make the transition happen.
-V2.0.4.0: Sounds like we need to examine our transitions. Will think more on it.

12. When at Glutman’s office, I get 4 greyed out options even though I have no runners in tow nor a cyberdeck myself: “Sit at the computer.” and 3 instances of: “Have Hamfirst/Jetboy/Steelflight Hack the Computer”.
-V2.0.4.0: They were there for testing purposes. Hidden.

13. The Negotation keyword is available from the business man before you ask about Hiring? Just seemed odd, not necessarily wrong or anything.
-V2.0.4.0: Added Negotiation keyword logic. Also updated Caryards Arena to consider keyword.

14. At the entrance to the business man’s office, you can walk thru the front entrance to the building front at an angle. You can’t go around too far once you get in there, but you are “behind” the door and wall at that time.
-V2.0.4.0: Fixed. The invisible blocks were too far back

15. Heavy Dude at The Cage has no avatar/icon?
-V2.0.4.0: I’m guessing this is a SRR1.2 update related error. Fixed.

16. When starting off at the Caryards, it seems very easy to clip into items (like the crates right next to the bed, and around the cars and the little shacks, you can walk right thru many of the props here).
-V2.0.4.0: Will look into this later.

17. Grim Reaper Club Doc: “I’ve had to heal enough MEN who thought they were safe in the shadows.” followed by “You look troubled YOUNG MAN. Is something wrong?”. If you ask about ‘Datajack?’ you get “Use a cyberdeck, BOY!”.
-V2.0.4.0: Fixed multiple locations in conversation.

18. Business Man. I swear I saw the business man say “You’re crazy man!” in one of his convo boxes… Maybe when you get the Lone Star badge? But I can’t review it currently to confirm that.
-V2.0.4.0: Fixed

19. Sassie Convo… She says she got a new boyfriend… And threw out your stuff.
-V2.0.4.0: Replaced boyfriend with lover. (The editor doesn’t support boy and girl!)

20. Chrome Coyote says “Drok MAN”… Could be an expression, maybe?
-V2.0.4.0: I think its suppossed to be gendered. He also says “man” later. Fixed.

Old Town

1) Many objects are able to be clipped thru or into in the Caryards.
-V2.0.4.1: Need to inspect this when I have more time.

2) Street Dweller in caryards comes up with a blank speech bubble. When you click on it, the actual convo starts.
-V2.0.4.1: Missing initial “Talk” prompt. SRR Version related change. Previous it showed as … when blank.

3) The King conversation does the same as #2.
-V2.0.4.1: Missing initial “Talk” prompt. SRR Version related change. Previous it showed as … when blank.

4) Heavy Dude convo same as #2 and #3.
-V2.0.4.1: Missing initial “Talk” prompt. SRR Version related change. Previous it showed as … when blank.

5) When you beat The King, the text box says “(BEAT KING) Talk to Arena Owner.”.
-V2.0.4.1: Leftover debugging comment. Removed.

6) If The King is dead, none of the conversations seem to change to reflect this?
-V2.0.4.1: LARGE changes required. I have started some of them. Currently there is no variety. Hopefully I didn’t break any conversations…
—Gang Member
—Little Boy (partially)
—Street Dweller
—Street Scum

7) In the Sputnik Club, Dances With Clams says “If 1000 nuyen is all you can afford, so be it!” but the option box says [2000 nuyen] to hire him.
-V2.0.4.1: Missed variable. Fixed.

8) In the Sputnik Club, you can clip into the tables and such, especially the first one inside the door.
-V2.0.4.1: Added invisible blocks to prevent movement.

9) The two “customers” in Sputnik Club at the bar have no names nor avatars.
-V2.0.4.1: Side effect of interacting with Fx instead of actors. Fixed.

9A. Commlink Fix (in all maps)
-V2.0.4.1: Use the same fix as the customers for the commlink so you can see who you are talking to.

10) Happy Customer by the door says “How yas goin?” (instead of hows ya doin? Or is he just drunk?).
-V2.0.4.1: Fixed typo

11) The building that holds the Talismongerer and Vivyan’s gun store, the roof doesn’t seem to catch the light just right past the front edge… I wonder if perhaps some of the Z values for the further back roof tiles are off by a level or two?
-V2.0.4.1: Screenshot please? I’ll leave that to our mapper.

Downtown (and later)

Reported on V2.0.4.2

1) Maury has no avatar.
-V2.0.4.2: Fixed. Improved conversation as well. (I didn’t notice Maury being added!)

2) I was in combat when I went into Dr. Maplethorpe’s office. So combat continues while I’m there; including enemy movement.
-V2.0.4.2: Added “retreat” logic to end combat

-V2.0.4.2: Need to fix / implement Aneki reset logic

3) Barkeep in Wastelands says “Hey man, what’s happenin’?” and “Man, what a bummer”. Possibly need to include females, unless just an expression?
-V2.0.4.2: Yes and No. There were some gender references. And I swapped out the exclaimation “Man” with “Drok”

4) When I transitioned into the Rust Stilletos hideout, I had no battle music — just the background music was playing, even though I was fighting like 10 guys.
-V2.0.4.2: Strange. I’ll have to try and simulate later. The audio is set for that scene.

5) Square with the 4 arrows around it to transition from in front of Wastelands to Rust Stilletos won’t let you click on it, you have to walk past it to transition.
-V2.0.4.2: As mentioned earlier, we will need to consider our transitions. For now I shifted it a bit…

6) After you pay to get into Jagged Nails, if you talk to him again, he will let you pay him again to get in (though I think this happens in the actual SNES cart, too!).
-V2.0.4.2: Leaving as is. Nuyen is cheap.

7) Spatter was renamed to Splatter, I take it?
-V2.0.4.2: Oops. Yes. That was totally a deliberate choice. whistles innocently

8) The back most corner tile of the roof of Drake towers (from the street view) seems to not be aligned with the rest of the roof (a Z level issue?).
-V2.0.4.2: Hopefully this is in your image captures posted later.

9) There’s a flaming barrel out in the water at the end of the docks?
-V2.0.4.2: That’s just weird. Removed. Probably a prop got moved during merging.

10) The octopus fight is great, except that it seems like the hit box is very high (up and to the left)? This may be a game engine thing, though?
-V2.0.4.2: There are some tricky issues since the Octopus is a prop not an actor. Will look at later. (I knew it was out of whack)

11) Some various clippable objects around, such as the steps of the Stuff-R-Shack and such. Also, the roof of the Shack seems odd… Like a Z ordering or height thing? The light plays funny on it.
-V2.0.4.2: Building walls shouldnt be clipping now. We’ll need to consider the roof.

12) Had battle music when I entered the small cemetery, but when I hit the maintenance tunnels the sound goes back to ambient background music even though we’re jumped by a guy with a shotgun and in active combat?
-V2.0.4.2: It sounds like you are seeing this in multiple places. Perhaps its an SRR Bug. I see combat music defined. Will need to investigate more.

13) Cannot seem to use the potion bottle in the fountain at Tenth Street (where you let the dog out of the fence to get the dog collar)?
-V2.0.4.2: Logic wasn’t implemented yet. Added. Untested.

14) Went back to Tenth Street and hacked Glutman’s system. Tripped the alarm. Got dumpshocked. Was in combat mode with no enemies around until all runners left the scene.
-V2.0.4.2: Need to investigate. Will look into when I add more matrix logic since its likely to happen multiple places.

15) In dialogue with Dog Spirit about Kitsune he says “I have sent her to safe you” — I think it should be “save”.
-V2.0.4.2: Fixed

16) I used the black potion bottle on the ink… And now the talismongerer offers to sell me another one.
-V2.0.4.2: Fixed logic so it tracks bottle purchase not having the bottles. Untested

17) Every time I use a vid phone, the only avatar that pops up is my character’s own.
-V2.0.4.2: Known issue. Will fix later.

18) Went into the Dark Blade gun store. Dropped 3000 nuyen on equipment; had 23,000 nuyen on hand. I got a pop-up warning that I was spending more nuyen than I would need to hire runners for this mission — it said I would need 99,999 nuyen for runners.
-V2.0.4.2: Weird. I’ll need to look into that.

19) Had Frogtongue and Kitsune on call. Had Anders and Jetboy hired. Went to Glutman’s office, and it asks me if I want to call for support. My only two options were “I’m ready!” or “Don’t Enter”?
-V2.0.4.2: We need to work on this logic. Thanks for the reminder.

20) Female gender text: Doorman at Dark Blade says “Excuse me sir, Dark Blade is members only.”
-V2.0.4.2: Fixed (not verified). Also fixed phone call. I really with the syntax was ${} not $()…

21) Is there a way to dismiss a runner from your team? Like, after Rust Stilletos, I want Jetboy to go away.
-V2.0.4.2: Not yet.

22) Text when you enter Wastelands mentions you napping on the “morgue slap” instead of “morgue slab”.
-V2.0.4.2: Fixed

23) I had Jetboy and Kitsune in my party, and was able to hire Anders and Frogtongue. Then Norbert told me he wouldn’t join me. However, when I get to Bremerton — Kitsune is nowhere to be found!?
-V2.0.4.2: When precisely did she disapear? On entering Bremerton? I’m not sure how to troubleshoot that so I need to think more.

24) I killed the grey ooze in Bremerton and it fills the bottle with it, but the puddle doesn’t disappear — and each time you click on it after collecting it, it says toxic puddle.
-V2.0.4.2: I had initially decided to leave the puddle but I can remove it. I just need to consider the logic.

25) The enemies spawning on Bremerton seems to be very slow. And in the room by the grey ooze, I had an enemy spawn somewhere that I don’t think I could ever get to him… It was weird.
-V2.0.4.2: I will look at this later.

26) There seems to be no non-combat music in the basement of the ship.
-V2.0.4.2: Possibly due to the fact music wasn’t set to loop. (oops) Unsure if that fixed it.

27) While in combat on Bremerton, you can transition your whole party to a new location by just having 1 person click on the marker, as opposed to having everybody have to reach it and exit out individually.
-V2.0.4.2: Need to consider this issue. That can be complicated logic (or it might be simple). The actual teleport is easy, the hard part is making sure the combat behaves correctly.

28) When talking to The Jester in his lair, the option is “Nirvanda” (should be Nirwanda?).
-V2.0.4.2: Sounds like a standard typo. Fixed. Also fixed the “little man” references.

29) When done at Bremerton, once I get back to town, Kitsune is running around with me again. She just didn’t come along for the actual combat, somehow.
-V2.0.4.2: Still need to investigate

30) I did test the Jetboy going to Rust Stilletos trick. I got my cool 2000 nuyen; I was happy about that!
-V2.0.4.1: Confirmed working.

31) I went to Bremerton by way of beating Dark Blade and staking Vlad, then cheating at the Docks (didn’t check if the ice man part works or not).
-V2.0.4.1: Need to verify working

Additional Bugs

Additional bugs found on V2.0.4.1 while providing more detail as well as screenshots.

1. I went up against the Aneki door enemies. Jetboy and Anders were killed; only my character and Frogtongue survived. Then when I move back away from Maplethorpe’s block, they’re magically alive and back in my party again! And I took them into a few fights after this just to be sure it was real.
-V2.0.4.3: Hireling death is not actually implemented yet. That will be a large bag of worms. I’ll try and look into this on the weekend.

2. Going back to Rust Stilletos won’t let you into the HQ (maybe intentional?), but I had 4 enemies on the screen that would get a turn but I could never find them. And up North, I could see behind a fence was a door and something to pick up, but I couldn’t get to them (see the screenshot section for more detail).
-V2.0.4.3: The barrels were on team Lonestar and this put the player into combat. The door will not open while combat is active. I think its resolved now.

3. Characters wound up leaving my party, but I didn’t get a message until a few screens/transitions later.
-V2.0.4.3: We need some sizeable work on party members. This will be addressed the same time death is.

4. You can walk thru the stalls near Maury’s Meat Emporium (clipping) in Downtown.
-V2.0.4.3: Added some movement blockers. Modified props to be unwalkable. I may not have gotten everywhere.


1) Overly bright roof tile at the Docks that catches the light differently than the rest?
-V2.0.4.3: Best handled by Geeked

2) Floating flaming barrel off the end of the boat launch on the Docks?
-V2.0.4.3: Leftover from when I shrank the doc. I don’t remember why I did… I removed the barrel earlier but forgot to remove the light.

3) You can try to walk around behind this facade next to the Drake HQ (but will get moved to the next screen instead).
-V2.0.4.3: Added movement blockers. Walking towards the black will still teleport, but now you can’t click in the building at least.

4) Back corner of the Drake HQ. Seems to be the wrong height (Z axis) to the rest of the roof tiles?
-V2.0.4.3: Wow. I don’ know how you noticed that. I’ll worry about that in the future since any merges might break it again.

5) You can walk underneath/through this part of the Drake HQ building from the side towards Dark Blade.
-V2.0.4.3: Added lots more movement blockers

6) You can see the actual party thru this hole in the Stuffer Shack roof (missing tile? bad Z axis?), as well as being able to clip thru the edges and stairs around the building.
-V2.0.4.3: you shouldn’t be able to walk through the shack anymore… The roof hasn’t been addressed.

7) Jagged Nails there’s some roof tile oddities on the front left corner. Some may just be lighting, but a few of them seem off in the X-Y axis.
-V2.0.4.3: Best handled by Geeked

8) Missing street tiling near Wastelands as you head towards Rust Stilletos territory:
-V2.0.4.3: Possibly addressed.

9) After beating Rust Stilletos (and continuing on with the game), I came back to investigate later and found that there were 4 enemies somewhere (they had a turn but I never saw them), and there’s this door and object behind this fence you can’t get to. And you can’t go back in the HQ.
-V2.0.4.3: Props were not properly hidden. They were too close to the scene.

10) A few more roof tile oddities, possibly just lighting, near Wastelands again.
-V2.0.4.3: Best handled by Geeked

11) The corner in front of the bus by Dr. M seems to not fit with the other street tiles (there are gaps, colorationg and alignment oddities).
-V2.0.4.3: Need to investigate later.

12) In Old Town, if you look back past the alley that will lead to Ed’s Patch N’ Fix, you can see this building where the roof doesn’t quite match up with the frame in the background.
-V2.0.4.3: Need to investigate later.

13) Talismongerer and Vivyan’s rooftop tile oddities (may just be lighting related and actually a non-issue, hard to tell).
-V2.0.4.3: Best handled by Geeked

14) In Tenth Street by the Monorail Station/Restaurant, there’s a missing row of roof tiles.
-V2.0.4.3: That’s a weird one. In the editor it looks fine but you can see the locations are way off when you highlight. Best handled by Geeked I expect.

15) In front of the Morgue, you can sneak behind this barricade railing.
-V2.0.4.3: There was a gap in the fence. Added some movement blockers as well.

16) On top of the Grim Reaper club, is this missing tile behind the satellite dish:
-V2.0.4.3: Will look at later…

17) Small gap in the pavement to the screen just north of Grim Reaper, on the same screen with The Cage and entrance to the Cemetery. Probably not fixable; ran into quite a few of these things when playing with the editor myself:
-V2.0.4.3: Will look at later…

18) A few sneaky items, like some light/texture showing in the Ed’s Patch n’ Fix alley, the Octopus Dock Warehouse, and then being able to walk behind this building that is just north of the Dark Blade club.
-V2.0.4.3: Will look at later…


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