Prologue Text

And the megaplexes are monsters casting long shadows.
When you become a shadowrunner, that’s where you live…
in the cracks between the giant corporate structures.
The megacorps are powerful in a time when power means information…
…computer information flowing in the global network called the MATRIX.

SNES Version

Leaving the SNES game running on the title screen presents the prologue. A man in a black coat gets gunned down by four gang members. As his body lies on the pavements, a fox approaches him, turns into a woman, and cards a spell on him. The fox then runs off and two morticians approach the body.

Snes downtown jake full

SR:R Plan

Thanks to rutgerhower for pointing out where this location is. The map is built and logic mostly functional. It will be the opening scene for the released module.

Srr jakes demise

SR:R Triggers

Having some issues with the triggers. I either get Jake to stay alive, and have the rest work wrong, or kill him off and have most of it work right. In order to allow the world to help troubleshoot, here is a link to the Prologue Triggers


Jake’s Demise Take 2

Previous Videos

Jake’s Demise Take 2
p(oembed). Version One


  • Initial Version Complete

Pending Tasks

  • Have Kitsune show up at the corner and watch the gangers flee.
  • Have Kitsune wait at the body until she spots the Morticians. Then have her flee.
  • Shift the lighting on Jake’s death. Either make it dimmer or shift it more into the red range.
  • Modify the text to build suspense. Possible split it into three sections.
  • Kitsune shows up as a brown fox from the West. She shifts into a human at Jake’s side. She runs off North. Spawn a dog, have it run to Jake, swap the dog with Kitsune, have her run off.
  • The Morticians show up from the East.
  • Investigate options for “death cry” and old school music.


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