Phone usage actually deserves its own page.

The basic logic is easy, if you have a CredStick, you can call any phone number you know.
The complication comes from tracking the numbers (using items and/or variables), and having the photo of the person you are talking to (which Mcdougle on the Shadowrun forums explained how to do).

Person/Location Directory Listing Phone Number Notes
Sassie Sassie 702-826 Single Use
Glutman’s Office Glutman 934-782
Talisman Shop Talis. 416-822
Wastelands Club* Wast. 652-711 Can’t get
Dark Blade Mansion Dblade 826-611
Akimi Akimi 748-347
Dr. Maplethorpe’s Office Dr. M 261-688
Drake Drake 233-435 Single Use


  • Sassie is complete.
  • Glutman is complete.
  • Jake’s voicemail is complete.
  • All phone calls are stored in the same conversation making using it easy.


  • Create a spawn block off the map with the callable NPC’s.
  • Modify every phone prop to be usable with conversations.
  • Enter remaining conversations.


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