Mapping Conventions

A lot of this wiki can be ignored unless you are specifically working on a given point.
This page CANNOT.

If you don’t follow these conventions, I won’t be able to merge your files into the final release.

Please check back here regularly when you need to know how to name or label something.
Additionally I will try to add helpful logic as it comes up.

Naming conventions are important for anything which is not limited to a single scene. Don’t hesitate to ask Ledeir any questions.

Region Codes

Region Code
Tenth Street TS
Old Town OT
Down Town DT
Rat Shaman Lair RS
Dark Blade Mansion DB
Bremerton BR
Drake Stronghold DS
Aneki Tower AT


Part Code Notes
Scene <region>_<location>_<sub-location> See examples below
Quest Items <region>##_<itemname> Update Items page
Conversation <region>_<location>_<npc> Make location as detailed as needed.
Keywords KW_<Keyword View the Keywords page.



  • Tenth Street Office Block, office building – TS_OFFICEBLOCK_OFFICE
  • Old Town Caryards Area – OT_CARYARD_ARENA


  • Tenth Street Mortician Larry – TS_MORGUE_LARRY
  • Tenth Street Glutman – TS_CAGE_GLUTMAN

Story Variables

There are certain variables which need to be shared between scenes, these are known as story variables. Try to give them an appropriate name so that I can easily identify them. Also please let me know when you add them. They should be used sparingly!

A list will be maintained here – Story Variables

Mapping Conventions

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