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Region Key Description
DT_Hotel The Hotel in Downtown next to the Jagged Nails Club.

Event Mapping

talk to manager, pay 50¥, use room

room has bed (heal, karma), locker (stash) and payphone


Hotel by Jagged Nails [DT08]
“Darned music! Them shadowrunner types blasting away with that racket at all hours. It’s no wonder guests don’t stay long!”
“You looking for a room? There’s only one left. First room on the left! 50 nuyen. You want it?
YES: ?That door knob is a bit tricky sometimes. You’ll need a bit of muscle.”
NO: “Can’t blame you chummer. I don’t get much sleep myself living here.”
“You look mighty tired! Sure you don’t want to take a rest?”

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Downtown Hotel

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