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Left Most External Map
Dt external left most

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Exterior Locations

Interior Locations


DOWNTOWN – train station

Ferocioius Orc
Greeting – Aaarrggh. You swine!
Talk – Drek, you’ve bought into more trouble than you know. The Rust Stilettos always finish a job! Aaarrghh, bye sucker!

Greeting – Dog calls to you. Seek him soon or you will be lost.
Talk – Woof. Woof. Grrr.
NO RESPONSE – Grrr. Woof. Woof.

DOWNTOWN – Outside train station bazaar

A busy man
Greeting – Why don’t you get yourself a job. A real job!
Talk – The company has been good to me, chum. They look after everything.
NO RESPONSE – I’d better be going. They don’t like it when I’m late…

A Busy Man
Greeting – I ain’t got nothing… besides a wife and two kids to feed. Honest!
Talk – Oh… I thought you were a mugger.
NO RESPONSE – The streets aren’t safe with all those gangs roamin’ around!

DOWNTOWN – The Wastelands Club

Greeting -I’m for hire! You’ve got to be crazy to be in this game! The name’s Norbert. You’ll want to remember that!
Talk – Yar ho har tee hee har! 2000 upfront. I’m going to convert it to cash. I like to roll in crisp new bills. Tee hee har!
NO RESPONSE – Nope, never heard of it! Ho har tee hee har…
HIRING – Let me get my credstick out here. Fire away partner. 2,000 nuyen. Can your credstick handle that?
Yes -
No – So you wanna go it alone! You’re almost as crazy as me!
SHADOWRUNNERS – The rest are a bunch of wimps. Like that Jetboy. He’ll tell you he’s fast in the Matrix. You should see him run though when the heat’s turned up. Stick with me… nobody is better at busting heads!

Greeting – I’ve heard better bands. I once ever heard Maria Mercurial play.
Talk – I see you have a datajack… is that just for show, or do you put it to use?
NO RESPONSE – …and if I knew something about that, why would I tell you?
HIRING – I’m very discreet. No one will know we were ever there! 1,000 nuyen assures that!
NO – Good luck, chummer! Look me up if you hear of any other runs.

Club Manager
Greeting – Yo man. What’s been happenin? You gone underground lately?
Talk – Say what? Man, what a bummer! Want an iced tea? I’ll have to hold the ICE.
NO RESPONSE – That’s like, nothing I can help you with.
HIRING – You’d better be a good leader, or they’ll take off and go where the money is better.
ICE – Sorry, no ice. The freezer’s on the fritz. We’re waiting on a delivery…
RUST STILLETOS – They’re hiding out somewhere near here. You’d better watch your back.
SHADOWRUNNERS – All kinds hang here! Mercs, mages, deckers… If you’ve got the money then, no problem!

Greeting – Cut the small talk and let’s get down to business. The name’s Anders. You need a hired gun, I’m ready for action
Talk – Talk is cheap. Hiring me isn’t. You get what you pay for!
NO RESPONSE – Time is money. Although I might just hurt you for free!
AKIMI – Akimi? She might be way out of your league, chummer. Very expensive! If her price won’t send you cold, her attitude will.
HIRING – Your life could depend on this decision, chummer! 1,000 nuyen and I’m with you!
NO – Well, maybe we’ll do business again soon! If you’re still alive…
SHADOWRUNNERS – I only work with the best. Runners like STEELFLIGHT and AKIMI. They deliver the goods!
STEELFLIGHT – Good decker, especially for an elf! He isn’t cheap though. You’ll find him at the Jagged Nails club. That place is strictly for shadowrunners though.

Greeting – Just because I’m an Orc don’t mean I’m dumb!
Talk – When you’ve run the shadows as long as I have, you get smart or you die.
NO RESPONSE – Just because I’m smart don’t mean I’m no public library.
HIRING – You want for us to go running the shadows. Look at this hardware, bowb. I got overheads! You can’t recycle a grenade you know! Let’s start this partnership at 1,500 nuyen. Whadda you say?
NO – Well why are ya still in my face, bowb!
SHADOWRUNNERS – Money holds great power! Especially when you give it to me! Just show me where you want the holes!

DOWNTOWN – Rust Stilettos turf

Greeting – Back off, chummer. You’re on Rust Stiletto turf.
Talk – Get off our zone, drekhead… or I’ll wear your fingers as jewelry!
NO RESPONSE – You hard of hearing? You’ll be hard of breathing soon!
RUST STILLETOS – Well you found us! Now take off or I’ll feed you to the boss!

Greeting – You’re dead, Armitage! You’re dog-meat! DRAKE’S gonna fry you.Don’t even try running. You can’t hide from the Drake.
Talk – He’s gonna rip you apart, Armitage!
NO RESPONSE – I ain’t telling you nothing!
DRAKE – Drake’s not gonna let you live. You’re history!


Hotel Manager
Greeting – Darned music! THem shadowrunner types blasting away with that racket at all hours. It’s no wonder guests don’t stay long!
Talk – You looking for a room? There’s only one left. First room on the left! 50 nuyen. You want it?
Yes – That door knob is a bit tricky sometimes. You’ll need a little muscle.
No – Can’t blame you chummer. I don’t get much sleep myself living here.
NO RESPONSE – You look mighty tired! Sure yo u don’t want to take a rest?

DOWNTOWN – Outside Jagged Nails Club (After Rust Stilettos)

Cruel Man
Greeting – Hoi chummer, always room for a true shadowrunner. You handled that Stilettos gang mighty fine.
Talk – It’s a bit busier than usual tonight. You wanna come in? 50 nuyen.
YES – Alright, go right in buddy.
NO – Wait in the line then.
NO RESPONSE – I don’t know. Anyway, I’d better get back to weeding out these pretenders.
HIRING – As long as you got the money, you won’t be disappointed. If you need some magic, try Kitsune.
SHADOWRUNNERS – Since that guy went batty on the dance floor, the Jagged Nails has been exclusively for shadowrunners.

DOWNTOWN – The Jagged Nails Club
A Waitress
Greeting – I’m your waitress for tonight. Is there anything I can get you?
Talk – I’d love to chat, but the boss would sack me.
NO RESPONSE – Stick to what’s on the menu!

Club Manager
Greeting – Hi, what can I get you?
Talk – I let Cecil do the socializing. I merely serve the customers, dear!
NO RESPONSE – I don’t know… how about some juice?
DARK BLADE – I can’t see what you’d ever want with a bunch of VAMPIRES.
STROBES – Well seeing that you talked to Cecil, I suppose you can have them. Careful where you shine them though, they’re a bit hard on the eyes.
YES – Ok but bring it back when you’re finished.
NO – Oh well, is there anything else I can help you with?

Club Manager 2
Greeting – Darling – nice outfit! Very street level. Not like some weirdos we’ve had in here. Unusual aftershave!
Talk – Oooh, oodles of entertainment tonight. KITSUNE’S performing until twelve, and I get off at one.
NO RESPONSE – Is there anything special I can get you?
KITSUNE – Hmmmph! Well catch her act if you’ve got the time. She just uses this place as a cover to pick up on any good runs on offer.
SHADOWRUNNERS – Oh, so you’re one of that crowd. Well it’s who you know that counts! You should mingle a little… and there’s also Kitsune if you can get her off the stage.
STROBES – We just got a new lighting rig. Makes the place look much nicer. The old ones are around here somewhere.
VAMPIRES – We get all types. We even had a vampire in here once. The STROBES sent him catatonic. Took us fifteen minutes to realize he wasn’t doing some new dance craze.

Greeting – Steelflight is my name. If you require a decker, I am sure I can be of service. The Matrix is my home.
Talk – An Elf of my skill does not come cheap!
NO RESPONSE – You obviously can’t afford me, skinflint. Try looking downmarket. The Wastelands may be more you style.
AKIMI – If you seek magic for the job, no-one commands more power than she!
HIRING – An Elf of my skill does not come cheap! I shall have to ask 5,000 nuyen.
NO – I doubt the job would have been to my standards anyway!
STEELFLIGHT – My services are not cheap… but they are worth every nuyen.
THE MATRIX – I have lived my life riding the Matrix. I know every inch intimately! My programs can cool any Ice. Security in the Matrix only protects against amateurs!

Greeting – You’d do well to get some experience on your side! Don’t listen to these technomancers… you’re always going to need some magic with you!
Talk – Don’t insult me! We’re talking more like 2,000 nuyen if you want the magic on your side. Money buys power!
NO RESPONSE – Quit stalling. Are we going to deal?
HIRING – Now we’re talking! 2,000 nuyen. You got that sort of money?
No – You obviously don’t know talent when you see it!

Greeting – You’re cute!
Talk – You don’t remember me, do you? Your spirit guide sent me to heal you before the morgue guys took you away. I got there just in time!
NO RESPONSE – If only I could help you with that…
DARK BLADE – Ever see how much those VAMPIRES hate sunlight?
DOG – He will guide you in your destiny. Here, take these enchanted leaves. They will help you if you’re in trouble again.
KITSUNE – I’m a shapeshifter, silly! What’s the matter, never seen a fox before?
HIRING – Well, as much as I hate to… I’ll have to ask for 3,000 nuyen. After all… we’ve only just met!
NO – Oh well, you know where to find me if something good comes up!
JESTER SPIRIT – They say he’s very powerful. From what I’ve heard, someone at the DARK BLADE knows where he haunts.
MAGIC FETISH – Looks interesting… but I’ve never seen anything like it before.
SHADOWRUNNERS – As much as I hate to do this, I’m going to thave to ask for 3000 nuyen if you want me on a run.
VAMPIRES – They’re very dangerous. I wouldn’t trust them.

DARK BLADE – Their leader, he be evil! Do not allow yourself to fall victim to his lies. You best beware. Best you do not contact them in person until you know their intentions. Their number is 826-661.

Greeting – Hello. The Dark Blade Club. Johan speaking.
Talk – What can I help you with?
NO RESPONSE – I’m sorry sir. I think you may have the wrong number!
DARK BLADE – That’s right. This is the Dark Blade club. What can I do for you?
MAGIC FETISH – You say it is an amulet with a bat at its center? My employer might be interested! Could you please drop by the Dark Blade. I’ll make sure the gate is left open for you.

DOWNTOWN – Doc Maplethorpe’s office

Greeting – Welcome! How can I help you?
Talk – Mr. Maplethorpe is quite a busy man. Is there anything specific you need?
NO RESPONSE – Maybe you should come back later.
CORTEX BOMB – Oh no! I’ll get the doctor right away! He charges 2000 nuyen though.
YES – I’ll open the door for you.
NO – Oh well, he is busy anyway.
STREET DOC – This is the office of Mr. Maplethorpe MD. Can I help you?

Street Doc
SURGERY conversation – Come on in Jake.
Greeting – Nice to meet you Jake. I hear you have a problem with your head.
Talk – Is that so? You couldn’t be a bit more specific?
NO RESPONSE – Irrelevant! Stick to the facts, Jake.
CORTEX BOMB – Yes, nasty… Get up on the table here and I will disarm it immediately.
CYBERWARE – It’s over there on the bench. Have a look! The prices are very reasonable.
HEAD COMPUTER – I’m afraid I can’t access it. You’ll have to find someone who knows what’s in there and how to get it out.
HEAL – If you get into difficulty, maybe you should buy some of these slap patches. I sell them for 100 nuyen.
NO – Well, you know where to find me.
STREET DOC – You’ve come to the best. I’m sure I can help, Jake.
During Surgery – This won’t hurt a bit. Once I’m finished here Jake, maybe you’d like to take a look at the CYBERWARE I have for sale.
After Surgery – Jake, I’ve managed to remove the cortex bomb. It seems to have been fitted to protect your HEAD COMPUTER. Whatever is stored in there must be very valuable!


Rat Shaman
Greeting – Oh, woe is me. The Rat shaman has been defeated. Jake, you are getting good at this! Do you think you are a match for the JESTER?
Talk – Do you like games, litte man? How about one where you guess my name! If you return lacking that simple truth, I’m afraid there are no losers… I’ll just vaporize you! Ha ha ha ha!!!
NO RESPONSE – Run and hide, flesh bag. Time is on your side, but nothing is going to save you! Ha hahahah!!!!!

DOWNTOWN – Dark Blade Mansion

Greeting – Don’t touch! Unless you’re buying of course..
Talk – I’ve got pieces you can’t even get on the open market. There’s some more stuff coming soon. I’m just waiting for the heat to die down.
NO RESPONSE – We don’t deal in information, bub! Strictly guns!
FIREARMS – The biggest and the best. I’ll even give you a good price on any hardware you don’t see yourself needing anymore.

Greeting – Excuse me sir. The Dark BLade is for members only.
Talk – I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises
NO RESPONSE – Please leave or I will be forced to call security.
DARK BLADE – We have a very strict policy. Non-members are not allowed in withou prior appointment.
MAGIC FETISH – Ahh, the amulet. Mr. Vladimir is expecting you. He’s in the reading room. First room on your left. Please go through.

Greeting – Welcome to the Dark Blade. We don’t often have guests, but when we do they tend to stay.
Talk- You come here on business? I’d be happy to have you for dinner!
NO RESPONSE – Don’t waste my time. I can be most unpleasant!
JESTER SPIRIT – So you seek to control the Jester Spirit! Even if I gave you his true name, you would never get close enough to utter it to his face. Give me the fetish first, then I shall give you the word that will be your downfall!
MAGIC FETISH – An amulet inscribed with a bat? You have my interest. What do you ask for such a prize.

(After give Magic Fetish to Vlad)
Greeting – Finally! I have been waiting for this. It brings back memories of Transylvania…
Talk – This holds a spirit of true power… and you want to play with Jesters. Ha!

(After staking Vlad)
Greeting – Arrgghh! I can’t see! Wait! A stake! Arrgghh! No!
Talk – I’ll tell you anything! Anything! Just keep that stake away from me!
NO RESPONSE – I’ve told you everything I know! I’m not lying – believe me!
JESTER SPIRIT – His name is NIRWANDA. It’s Nirwanda! You’ll find him at BREMERTON. Please go away!

(After staking Vlad AGAIN)
Greeting – Leave me alone! I’m not hurting anyone!
JESTER SPIRIT – It’s Nirwanda.. No, OK its LAUGHLYN! It’s Laughlyn! You’ll find him in Bremerton. He haunts some ship down there. Now go away!


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