Dt docks most
Dt docks octopus

SRR Maps

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Exterior Locations

  • Docks

Interior Locations

  • Vacant Office
  • Dog Warehouse
  • Octopus Warehouse

Event Mapping


Docks, Octopus Warehouse [DT13]
Jake! It’s me Sassie. I’ve been waiting for you… Come closer…
I’m sorry we ever broke up, Jake. Come closer… don’t leave me!
Come closer, Jake! I’ll tell you if you come closer!

Docks, Dog Warehouse [DT14]
“Go… and do not return until you have the three items from my followers-
-One of the earth
-One of a creature
-One of a man”

“You have done well, take this spell… It will heal your mortal wounds.”


<talk> (happens automatically when you bring the items needed for the healing spell)
“I am H’oochin-ikwa, the spirit of the Dog. I smell the power burning in your soul.”
“Prove to me that you are truly a friend to the Dog, and I shall grant you my guidance. Destroy the Rat shaman and then return. You will find the entrance to his lair where souls are at rest.”
“Go now! Do not return until you have vanquished your enemy!”

“You have not fulfilled your promise, do not return until the Rat shaman has been defeated!”

You have done well. You have served H’oochin-ikwa. You have cleaned the world of an enemy. Dog takes you as his own. From this time on, you travel with H’oochin-ikwa at your side.
Jake, you are in truth a shaman. Follow your calling. You know it to be true. Technology has been thrust upon you. You are fated to use it to destroy your nemesis.
That answer is hidden in the mists.
Children besotted by the evil path. They spill blood, but only the one who leads them drinks. He is a dark child – a vampire. Beware!
A powerful enemy! He toys with you. He is a spirit of technology in decay. Find such a place, and you will have found his lair. Recite his true name, and you will have bound him to your will.
A soul struck down. You carry the result of his labor. You are entrusted with the future.
I am H’oochin-ikwa, the spirit of the Dog. I will guide you to your destiny.
It is a place where technology rules. A foul place. They seek to usurp the ancient order and conquer magic through using machines. You are fated to destroy Aneki, or yourself be destroyed.
The serpent who walks like a man. You will not defeat him with your own power. Capture a mighty spirit and use this as your weapon against Drake.

“To cast ARMOR you will need the scales of a cold and of a warm blooded creature.” *

“To cast POWERBALL you will need two items which have not rested in the earth.” *

“To summon my help you will need two items of my pack.” *

“To cast INVISIBILITY you need water of a clean and unclean source.” *

“To cast FREEZE you will need the residue of two sea creatures.” *

Boat Dock [DT18]
Well, ye be a lookin’ for a ship? The docks are the right place.
Longhorn Jack they call me. Finest taxi-boat driver in this fine city.
That be a little out of my area. Could ye keep it to Seattle?
Sorry, that be not possible. Mermaids are attackin’ all who go near there. *
Yep, they turned up a couple of years ago. They seem to like the warm run-off from the sewers. Can’t say I don’t mind it myself. *

Except for the spirits, they be mostly deserted now. People came shooting and taking people away a while back. Some rough types now guard the warehouses.

after getting ice delivered to the docks
Ye be lookin for a boat?
Me boats ready for hire or me name ain’t Longhorn Jack!
OK so me name is Shirley Temple. Ye wanna hire me boat or what?
Bremerton. That’s a fair way. There be dragons and other nasties around there. You can hire me boat for 1,000 nuyen upfront. If ye don’t like ye can leave it.

Docks, Vacant Office [DT15]
Hack into computer
Matrix Systems Incorporated – Cyberspace Solutions
Specialists in intrusion countermeasure electronics


[Data File Obtained]
[Matrix Account 6345-2276-6376 2,000 nuyen]

Datafile: DF_MT-AI
Body: “Anti-AI program finally complete. Courier is to deliver it to Pushkin. Cortex bomb will be implanted to protect the data. All other copies destroyed. Raitsov.”

Change Log

  • Exterior mapped
  • Interiors Mapped
  • made a boatdriver alpha dialogue
  • octupus stuff (sassie, transformation into basilisk, pool of ink)
  • some dog spirit stuff (dialogues, gives heal spell if items are collected, gives rat shaman quest)
  • if the player character has no spellcasting skill when he gets the heals spell, his spellcasting gets set to lvl 1
  • alpha matrix systems computer (get datafile and 2k¥ per dialog)
  • connected downtown and bremerton
  • karma mechanic
  • enemy spawns
  • money mechanic
  • massive ork drops explosives

Pending Tasks

  • make wooden dock thingys walkable :-/
  • the matrix system dialog does not update the balance of the account after the money is taken…
  • implement other spells
  • light

Last update on region: 20.09.2013


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