Development Roles

This is a fairly large scale project which calls for many different roles.

Text Mapping

The existing text dump from the game are raw data. They are not mapped to the item descriptions or conversational partners. They all need to be processed and assigned to the appropriate source before the conversations can be updated.

Conversation Conversion

As the text dump is properly mapped, the conversations need to be updated to reflex the SRR system. This means replacing keyword driver conversation with skill driven conversation. This part can be started before the editor is released, but we cannot be sure what skills will be available.

Map Design

Once the tile set(s) are released, we need to design maps which are as close to the originals as possible.

Event Scripting

Once the editor is released, conversations and map events need to be scripted so that they are playable.

Module Compilation

Working with a group of multiple people will result in multiple files. This will all need to be merged and properly compiled. Depending on how well the editor is designed this may be a demanding job

Module Testing

Once the module is usable, people need to play and test it. This will be done incrementally, using one location at a time.

Wiki Maintenance

Maintaining the wiki to aid with the development process

Development Roles

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