SNES Shadowrun

The Editor!

I have received the editor and successfully made a map!
Its a poor map… But its a start.
Its rather tricky to work with the graphics, more so than expected, but then again, we were warned about it!

The SNES Morgue Scene
Snes morgue
Snes morgue2

The SRR Morgue Scene (Rough draft!)
I need to look through the tileset more thoroughly.
I was able to run around the map, but it had issues!
(This is a screenshot from the editor, not the game)
Srr morgue


Morgue Take 1

A very shakily recorded walk through of the morgue.
Its a rough draft, timing and such is off.

Morgue Take One

Tenth Street Draft

Say hello to Decker and his Hellhound friend.

This minute long clip includes “Jake” leaving the Morgue and being approached by Decker. Then the player wanders off and frees the dog.

Known Issues

  • The movement isn’t properly synced, it looks like they are moving in combat time.
  • The dog is actually a hellhound model. There is no dog model.
  • The Northern buildings are not built yet. I’m not sure which tiles to use.
  • The random NPCs aren’t there yet.
  • There’s a random building block near the stairs and I have no idea where its from.


  • Do I map out ALL the streets in a single map? Or do I compartmentalize them like the SNES game?
Jake's Demise

Now you too can be gunned down on the street like Jake Armitage!

Careful reconstruction has updated this location from the SNES Downtown to this spiffy new SRR Downtown.

Snes downtown jake full

Srr jakes demise

Tenth Street Alley

Fun stuff happens when you walk down a dark Alley ;)

Tenth Street Alley Alpha Video

Now that the easy scene is out of the way, I’m probably going to focus on maps for a couple days before working on any more triggers or conversations. I will likely be quiet, but never fear, I’ll still be plugging away.

Ooops. Too many maps.

Just a quick note.
Apparently I can only have 10 maps up at a time.
Therefore I will be moving most of the maps to regular image files (with the exception of those that I set up links already for)

Once there is space again, feel free to resume uploading maps. Alternatively you can age them to a wiki page. I’ll have sample up tonight.

Tenth Street Victory!

I have fully mapped the exterior maps for Tenth Street.
They are not configured for use yet, they are just the maps, but seeing as how its a decent accomplishment I wanted to share.

You can see screenshots here: SRR Tenth Street Exterior Maps

My original plan had called for making a single map of the region as opposed to the 7 maps which were present in the SNES version. That made things a little unwieldy though, unless I increased the distance you would need to walk everywhere. Instead I made it into 4 maps. Jake’s apartment and the alley are still standalone locations. The center parks have been combined with the rail station and the club has been combined with the cemetery and office building. Its possible I will further combine them, but odds are I’ll leave it this way.

That also leads me to a change I will likely implement in the SRR version. I heard rumors about a taxi service in the Sega version (I never played, so I don’t know first hand). I will likely implement something similar in future versions of the module. It will cost nuyen, it won’t take you more than a handful of locations, it won’t take you to any location you haven’t already visited, and it won’t be available anytime it would impact the plot (cortical bomb).

Jake's Apartment

Jake’s apartment has been created.
Granted I feel I will likely need to recreate it, there is a lot of clipping with the walls.
I almost have the infinite spawn room figured out, though its giving me a little trouble.

Srr tenth jake apt

Aside from that I linked all the maps together so you can freely wander and fixed some random issues.

I expect I will map out a single region every day. Sadly the real world keeps me too busy to do more. Still, at a region a day, I should have Tenth Street mapped by the end of the week. Then I will work on adding all the NPCs.

There is an additional easy / small job I need help with as well. I need someone to spec out NPC templates for the various bad guys. There are a lot of options to wade through, and sadly I don’t have the time (or a big enough monitor) to do so. I will make the time eventually, but if someone else could stat them out it would be amazing.

Also, some people have commented on the simplicity / lack of detail on the maps. That is temporary! The plan is to release an Alpha version which contains the basic maps, dialogue, etc. This will be as close to the SNES version as possible. The beta version will start to pretty things up and expand the game.

And wow, its 4:30AM, time flies. Good night!

Grim Reaper Club

Not a whole lot to report for today’s progress.

I fixed some issues in the earlier scenes. The Morgue intro text is much easier to read (or to skip), I added it to a conversation instead of using popups.

Decker is mostly working right outside the Morgue. I need to modify the office block to show him heading to the alley and possible actually show him getting gunned down instead of leaving it to your imagination. (to be determined)

The only thing new I have to show today though is The Grim Reaper Club.
Srr tenth grclub

I need to carefully go through all the picture options to spec out the NPCs in the room. I kind of chose them at random. Giving them dialogue won’t be too bad. As I said before though, I’m going to wait on dialogue and most triggers until I have everything mapped out.

Tomorrow I’ll spec out some of the other buildings on the office block. Possibly the one with Glutman’s office because then I may be adventurous and experiment with the matrix. (though practically speaking that will likely wait until later as well)

One last thing, if any of you have the time, I really could use some screenshots of “The Cage”. I haven’t had the chance to get them yet.

Appearances Matter!

Browsing the forums I found this very useful link
Custom NPCs

This will tells you how to generate the “random code” for an NPC’s appearance.
Does anyone want to spec out some characters based on the info in the wiki?

If you want to help with this, comment in our forums.
I have submission instructions available here

Comments should go in this forum.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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