SNES Shadowrun

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

sub 3

2013 09 29 00013

2013 09 29 00015

2013 09 29 00014

2013 09 29 00017

2013 09 27 00005

sub 4

2013 09 29 00021

2013 09 29 00022

2013 09 29 00002

2013 09 29 00004

2013 09 29 00020

2013 09 29 00019

2013 09 29 00011


Small updates to the Car Yards.
There is the small possibility they broke all the sleep interactions, but hopefully not.
I added the option to save in the car yards when you go to the bed. (it will reload the scene)
I also adjusted the grinding room to spawn random numbers of units.
These two changes should make it safer to grind (so you don’t waste the time by dying midway)
I also verified that the first 7 fights are the proper toughness (for a starting character).


There were changes to the outside maps and I only quickly verified them.
If one of you could do a more thorough check of Downtown it would be appreciated.

Foh provided another excellent update.

Wastelands Club
– updated dialogs to include the words for hireing. hiring still not possible tho

Dr Maplethorpe
– did dialogs for doc m
– implemented cortex bomb logic. it will be activated by ed and defused by m but no trigger to kill the player yet
– included phone conversation with m’s secretary
– doc m is a med&cyber merchant after defusing the bomb

Rust Stilettos
– quest is now connected to the jagged nails bouncers
– added random sniper spawn to dumpsterland
– stiletto gang can now be cleared stage by stage like in the SNES game
– worked on RS boss’ dialog to include the player’s name instead of armitage
– updated the mechanic of the crowbar pickup

– jagged nails bouncers and people in waiting line
– dialog with bouncers and some words from people in line
– dark blade gate only opens after having made an appointment
– worked on the hotel guy dialog (forgot what)

Jagged Nails Club
– the club is included and connected to downtown
– runners cannot be hired yet

Weekend Plans
- I am hoping to finish balancing the Arena this weekend and then move on to balancing the Rust Stilettos and the Docks.
- I also expect to have more maps soon.

mapmaking update

some shots of Drakes Stronghold… sub1 and sub2 – both done pretty much

2013 09 26 00010
2013 09 26 00013
2013 09 26 00020
2013 09 26 00022
2013 09 27 00003
2013 09 27 00005

and Foh (i assume) has made the jagged nails – looking sweet!

Dt jagged nails20130926


- The Replicating Mage was added to the Arena. You no longer will get stuck after the 9th fight. (you might die, but you won’t get stuck!)
- The Arena is missing bystanders and has a bunch of logic issues.
- Learning the negotiation skill is implemented (sloppily and untested, but there). You can improve it up to your charisma level. Unfortunately you need to do it without clicking the redeem karma button first… I’m still working on the implementation

volcano; landing area and sub1

2013 09 26 00001
2013 09 26 00003
2013 09 26 00005
2013 09 26 00006
2013 09 26 00008

V1.5.4 The King!

The King!
The King is implemented in the Caryards.
Now you can leave properly (by killing him).
I still need to balance the Arena, and add the Replicating Mage at the end, but it is usable.
(Just ignore the random labels in the conversation window, those are for my testing)

optional end scene

2013 09 24 00017
2013 09 24 00018

i wondered if we can put in background images to scenes so here’s my attempt. if we want to emulate the pace of the dms endgame this could be a scene used to tie up the story.

Drake Tower - V1.5.3

Drake Tower Maps have been added.
There is no logic in them, just the maps.
Oh, and the really deadly turrets.


Arena opponents 1 to 9 are included BUT the turn based nature of the game makes for pretty boring fights.

Fighting the King is not yet implemented.
Fighting the Replicating Mage is not yet implemented.
The opponents are only partially balanced and I still need to play with their behavior.
I still need to add the bystanders.


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