SNES Shadowrun

Sample Pack

The sample pack can be found here

It is a gutted version of what I created, only containing the existing global variables, the office block, the cemetery, and the various quest items.

You should be able to load it in the editor and work with it to add your own material.

It also has some sample logic which may be helpful. I really quickly put it together so you would have something to work with. I’ll try to get something better next weekend.

Speaking of that, I will be mostly out of touch for the next week. :(
You can try messaging me, but I will not have access to the editor.

Enjoy the official game and good luck playing with the editor.

Welcome Jake!

Guess whose available in the demo now?

I also republished the module under a more fitting name on steam.
Unfortunately I’m sure it will add extra confusion, but oh well. It had to be done. Better to do it early right?

I’ll send out the template files this weekend so you can start working ;)

- Renamed the module and updated the description
- JAKE! Jake is now available as the default character. I have lowered his karma to 37 points.
- Bug fix! I fixed the alley scene so the Ork no longer kills himself.
- Melee weapons! While in the alley, you can find a melee weapon in addition to the pistol. I will make other similar changes throughout the game to enable melee characters as well as to support Shamen and Riggers.
- Random small fixes

Oops. Busy playing instead of updating.

Hopefully you will forgive me!

I discovered last night that my early access to the editor gave me midnight access to the game.
I loaded the game to edit and BANG! I suddenly had the official module.

I am quite impressed by the official module thus far and it has inspired certain changes for the SNES reboot. I now know why the hire-able shadowrunners aren’t using their correct gear for instance. I also know the starting karma value (37 for a Human in the official module).

I hope to bring the quality of my maps up to the quality of Dead Man’s Trigger… But that will be in future releases. For now its all about getting the basics.

I will post a link to the “template module” either tonight or tomorrow so that you (the team) can get started and so that I can save you some work. I also hope to add the proper Jake model in (though I’m going to use reduced stats) as the default character.

Enjoy the game!


Thanks to the HBS devs, the demo has been PUBLISHED.
Its buggy and such, but still, its out there!
I played it through start to finished, fixed a dozen bugs or so, and then published it again.
(Hopefully the fixes took)

You heard me. All those hours playing the game, seeing who says what, DONE.
The author of the text ripper contacted me about a new and improved version of his program which sorts all the conversations for you.
We have a number instead of a name, but once you identify one line, all other lines are identified without any additional work.

I was hoping to spend more time working on the caryards today, but ended up spending hours fixing bugs… And of course there are still more.

Either way, its a BIG step.

Fixing things takes time!

It took a lot longer than expected to merge in the new changes to an older backup. I had forgotten I had done random changes in the morgue and other scenes.

That means today I only got to spend a little time “dirtying” things up.

Here’s Jake’s home in the Car Yards.
Srr ot caryard bed

Back in action!

Now that I’ve (hopefully) beaten my cold, here’s an update.

The Bad

  • No luck on the publishing front. It looks like I am going to have to wait until release day.
  • I seem to have broken what I have, oops. I was trying to make it more presentable and now it won’t even test. On the plus side I can undo what broke it tomorrow without losing any work.

The Good

  • This is arguably good. I added an “about this module” scene. Basically its a disclaimer for when the demo is released saying its an alpha build, this is what I know is wrong, this is what to do if you find problems or just want to avoid the buggy areas. Its temporary and will be removed in the future. It also will have the bonus of allowing players to adjust the difficulty and such though to help with balancing… If people get too annoyed by it I will remove it, but I believe the potential benefits are way more useful. This was not a large time commitment to do.
  • Now, the real good news. I’m making progress on the caryards. I only got the wrecked cars in place, but they look pretty awesome when you are wandering through.

Srr ot caryards

Sorry for the silence!

Sorry for the unexplained silence. I was down with the flu and this is the first time I’ve been able to focus on the computer.

On the plus side, Brian from HBS knows why publishing the module was not working and it should be fixed by release. I also have a workaround to try, which may or may not work.

Also, we are making progress dividing up the workload for future scenes. Not all have been claimed so I’ll be posting a call for help to the Shadowrun forums shortly.

Another small update

Odds are my posts will be short up until release day.
I’m focusing on bug fixing and polishing while I wait for Brian from HBS to help with my publishing issues.

Today I was adding some missing pieces to The Cage so it won’t be as empty a shell in the demo as expected. Glutman, the Heavy Dude, and the Club Manager (bartender) all have their conversations included now.

I also sent out the call to our development team to see who wants to work on what.
If you haven’t responded already, go to the assignment forum and reply! Otherwise you might miss out when the request goes public to the shadowrun forums.

This also means we need to start getting more dialogue recorded and it looks like we are missing a couple maps.

I also expect to have a Prologue comparison video available soon to get people’s opinion on.
Back to work!

Walking on Graves

One of my longest videos to date!
The Tenth Street Cemetery.

Tenth Street Cemetery

I actually fixed several bugs while recording this. There is still more to do, including a mysterious game freeze at the end, but its usable!

Now back to the grunt work of copying everything from the data only resource pack into the demo module so that it will hopefully publish…

I'm back!

Sorry for the lack of updates, as I mentioned I was working a convention this weekend and had no time at a computer.

I should have the promised video of the Cemetery up in the next 6 hours. As with the other videos, it will be a rough draft, but it should give you the feel for it.

I also will be putting together a video at some point showing the two versions of the prologue scene I have currently. Unfortunately to get it to behave the way I want it to, you need to load a new character after it… Which is doable… But not the right flavor. If you want to avoid that, the NPCs behave a bit strangely… I want to put a video together showing both versions and get the communities opinion on it.

Also, tonight I will be taking the resource pack files and copying them into the module itself, removing the dependency. This will (hopefully) allow me to publish the game.

Lastly, HBS has been in tough with me about some of the issues I was facing. I should be getting help from them soon! (they are really good about helping)

I’ll post again when the video is ready.


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