SNES Shadowrun

Phone call with Mitch

I managed to snag 15 minutes of Mitch’s time for a quick chat on the project and I see good things in the future.

Once Dragonfall releases, and things calm down at HBS, Mitch offered to have one of his guys play through and give us feedback.

Its an offer that’s too good to refuse. Hopefully none of our followers will object if we delay our release to make our module even better.

(PS – He also upped my excitement about Dragonfall end of January)

Contact the Devs

Another important little note for everyone.
I may have the chance to talk with Mitch.
If I do, is there anyone you would want me to say on your behalf?
Questions? Comments? Anything?
This might be our chance to get them to animate certain props for us as well…
(Ok, that’s probably a stretch, but we can dream right?)

Post a reply or shoot me a message with your thoughts.

Joystiq Article

We received some massive PR today with an article on joystiq and a shout out on kickstarter.
Hopefully this will give us some extra motivation to finish.

Read the article here

Also, to anyone who found this project because of the article, we welcome help!

We need mappers, writers, artists, eventually translators, and more!

Send me a message with your skills and interest and we’ll find some way for you to help!


I began implementing Drake Tower’s logic.
The NPCs are all in the correct locations.
They should be approximately balanced as well.
Later this week I will be implementing the logic for the scenes and then after that the matrix.

Progress Check

We are almost midway through December.
I know some of you are working away in the background (art for instance), but I wanted to check in.
Who is working on what currently?
Do you think we can get done before Berlin releases? Or do you think we need to ask for more help?
I know I have been unable to dedicate as much time as I would like :(
Let me know.

V1.8.6 and V1.8.7

Pushed out two small updates today.

Octoboss has been included. The scene is currently a bit rough, I need to make sure the boss is properly centered on the invisible actor, and need some sort of death FX to play, but its there and more or less functional.

Docks Matrix is also usable though I am not happy with it. It didn’t come out the way I hoped. I need to poke at it more but wanted feedback before I invested too much time.

I’m going to try working on things more regularly again…
Any of you been working on scenes lately?


Small update as I looked into some raised issues.
- Fixed Norbert’s profile picture (I hope).
- Identified problem with Jester’s Realm. Only the map exists, there were no spawners. You can now look at the Realm but there is nothing to do there.
- Confirmed Jetboy’s windfall is not implemented in the Rust Stilletos.
- Attempted, and failed, to include the Octoboss prop.

Copy pasted from steam. A couple people raised these issues.

But now its an hour later than I meant to be awake, so good night.


I’m Back!

With the new layout I’m not sure how to update the link for the adventure log, so Post88 is the title.

I’m been very busy with a side project lately. My savage world’s campaign is drawing to an end so I wanted to go out with a bang. I paper-crafted a massive (in my opinion) amount of terrain.

If you are curious you can see more here: Assaulting the Portal

The terrain is all (mostly) built now, so I no longer need to invest my time into it. That means I can focus on SRR once more. I’m hoping to get back to making multiple weekly updates again.

That means it is time to do a status check. Who is working on what?
Is there anything else which is ready to be merged in? Anything else in progress?

Let me know


Bug Fix Update
- Hireable runners should NOT join if your party is full. The yes option is still available, but it should have a different conversation reply.

- It was reported that the Rat Shaman graveyard immediately booted you. I could not see a reason for this, but I slightly adjusted the scene to address it. You spawn slightly further from the exit point and the exit only triggers for player0

I am hoping to release the Docks Matrix point tomorrow night but cannot promise it.

I also could use the correct text for the “party full” replies in the jagged Nails and Wastelands club. Anyone able to get those for me?


Small changes.
We are now utilizing the new tracking feature from SRR V1.1 for the Cortex bomb.
This was a fairly invasive update which is why we jumped up to V1.8 from 1.7.5.

It appears to be working fine, though I am noticing more lag on combat scenes.
Please let me know if you see any performance issues in this version.

We should have more changes tomorrow as well. As mentioned I wanted to implement the optional quest system. Additionally we have an amazing art prop for the octopus which will be included soon.

Additional note.
Things have been hectic for me lately. Please let me know if there were any submissions to the main build that I have yet to include. I don’t think there were, but I’d rather ask and be sure.

I will be publishing again tomorrow night.


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