SNES Shadowrun

Trudging along! Beta creeps closer!

I randomly decided to check our Analytics today and was surprised to see people still hitting this site fairly regularly!

If I had realized that sooner I would have put more status updates here!

We are trudging along towards beta. The module is playable end to end though there are plenty of bugs to catch.

We have some pretty sweet cinematics for the end which are partially plugged in.

I’m currently working through bug fixing on the Drake maps and Aneki. Once I finish the ones which were reported by our fans, I’ll start a balancing play through to catch more bugs and make sure the default difficulty is right.

Of course last time I did that I found a massive amount of (minor) bugs to fix and didn’t get very far!

I’m trying to increase my time dedication to the project, though its tricky when I was unexpectedly transferred positions at my day job.

But you don’t want excuses! You want (and deserve) results!

Last but not least, you can always find our latest updates on Steam and I usually babble on our facebook page when I’m working on the project. We are also still publishing to Nexus, just not as often as steam.

Still going!

This is a quick message to let you know we are STILL GOING!

The beta is very close… I just need life to quiet down enough that I can bang out the final encounter.

I have been posting regular updates / change notes on Steam. There is a mostly playable version on Nexus.

Hopefully I will find the time to finish this month!

To be clear, by finish I mean “BETA”. It will be end to end playable but there will be lots of features still to add and bugs to squash. There also will be figuring out what we want to do with respect to HK.

Beta Release Delayed

I figured I ought to post here as well as on the facebook page.

As you might have guessed, I am not going to beat SRR:HK to release. After all it is releasing in about 15 minutes.

I’m not going to make excuses, the delay is my own fault.
I had the time I could have invested in it, I just didn’t have the motivation to work on it because of issues at my day job.

I’m back to work now though! I pushed out an update last night (3.1.39) which made Aneki accessible.

There isn’t anything to do there yet, aside from walk around, but you can at least see our maps. ;)

I will likely need to edit the maps somewhat to make them fit better. The elevators don’t line up on all floors for instance. I also need to strip out the unused floors from the scene. (Thomas gave me a lot to choose from) I was unable to strip out those floors last night because the editor kept crashing on me… Grr.

I am hoping to get the initial combat NPCs included this weekend, but that will depend on how much I can resist the allure of Hong Kong.

I also need to talk things over with Thomas to see how we will make the final location “better” than the original.

To those still helping, I’ll push out the latest update to the drive as soon as I can. Perhaps someone with a gaming rig will be able to delete the floors I couldn’t.

As for our updated schedule, my new goal is to reach beta by end of year. We should be able to do it earlier than that, since its a single scene left, but you’ve seen my pace so I can’t promise it.

Our next steps:

  • Add Combat NPCs to Aneki
  • Add Matrix placeholders to Aneki
  • Add “flavor” to Aneki. This will include some optional scripted scenes with certain runners who may accompany you. This will also include interactions with non-combat (or optional combat) NPCs.
  • Add real matrix to Aneki. This will require adding Matrix gear merchants as well otherwise you’ll just die.
  • Do a full play through (I haven’t yet! I can’t release as beta without doing that)

The initial month after beta will likely require a lot of bug fixes as people who were waiting decide to finally play. Once its stable I will port it to HK (assuming its as easy as porting to DF:DC was). This will be a secondary version, DF will remain the primary version. Then I will take some time off from SRR before coming back to add extra features (like proper matrix and all the extras we wanted to add)

That’s what the future holds!
Sorry for the week communication here lately.

Change log V3.1.28 and V3.1.29

Steam is giving me trouble. Here is the changelog for these two updates.


These changes have NOT been tested. Drake Tower MAY have broken from them.
I was going to include more fixes, but in order to test the Morgue I had to publish so the rest will be in the next update.

Drake Tower
- Debug comment removals
- Security movement tweaks
- HIGH RISK FIX: Losing stealth disables social triggers. This needs to be thoroughly tested.

- Modified Drake Tower entrance so you only need to enter the password once.

- Removed auto heal from morgue and replaced it with a situational heal.

Generic Fixes
- Tweaks to Phone Conversation to make it more clear you need a credstick.

To Do
- Add “cover blown permance” to Drake Tower


(I ran out of time)

Drake Tower
- Tweaks to disguise handling on FL5 and 6.
- Modified Security Attack logic by removing “move to player 0” from the command list. This was preventing them from attacking immediately. There may be other logic issues as well.
- Set lose disguise trigger so its not maintained after firing. (this should stop multiple cover blown messages)
- Tweaked roof turrets. Hopefully they will properly attack now (rather than simply over-watching).

To Do
- Adjust “strip disguise” logic to disable “social” triggers. This will be a lot of busy work, but is IMPORTANT to fix.


I’ve been quiet here lately!

As you can see by the version number we’ve had several small updates since I last posted.

Its mostly bug fixes though Drake Tower is almost done, one floor to go.

Akimi, the “ubermage” has been added though she is unbalanced and only available Downtown currently. I will finish adding her soon.

I will also be adding the hitman spawners to downtown soon.

SR:HK now has a steam page so I better step up my pace!


I have added a new NPC to sell Matrix gear.

Spoiler Alert!

He shows up in Glutman’s office after you get rid of the cranial bomb. You need to unlock his store through simple conversation options. The shop part isn’t yet implemented though. Glutman’s secretary has also been edited to reference the shop so that new players can hopefully find it.

I decided to go with a free, skill based, deck upgrade approach for him. Once you hit Decking 3 he will swap your Sony for a Kraftwerk deck, Decking 5 upgrades again for a Fuchi, and last but not least if you hit 7 you get the Excalibur.

I’m hoping to get another update out tonight, it depends how much time I have. Today is a chore day.

And in case you are tracking my steam game use, I’m not playing Chaos Reborn as much as it claims! Its just easier to leave the game open and check every so often if its my turn in an asynchronous game :P

Troll Policy

It looks like our favorite troll is back under a new name – kiwi_lb.
Since we actually have more people who are actively working on the project a reminder for proper Troll Etiquette is probably due.

0. Leave responding to trolls to me in most cases. We want the threads to die leaving the troll unfulfilled.

1. Report the offending poster. If there is a report link on the post itself, click it. If not click the user’s name, go to their page, report and then block them.

2. Do not feed the Trolls. If they raise what can be considered a legitimate issue / complaint do defend it. Instead politely acknowledge their concern and opinion and say any course of action we have for correcting it. Ignore anything which is simply an insult.

For instance Kiwi commented on the long duration. That’s entirely true, we are taking a long time.

3. People tend to defend our project, which is good, unfortunately the fight is what the troll wants. Delete any posts which are attacking the troll. In general you don’t need to report them unless they are getting really out of line.

Anything I’m missing?

Beta Release Goal


I figured I should officially announce my goal for the module.

Hong Kong is scheduled for August of this year. Since we will most likely be mirroring this module in Hong Kong (Dragonfall will remain the main release), I have set a goal of having a fully end to end playable version by June or July. (Matrix may or may not be implemented)

Does anyone have a good reason why we can’t make this goal? Any thoughts or concerns?

Let me know.


Just a small update so you don’t think you’ve been forgotten!

V3.1.8 has been pushed out. Dave is making AMAZING progress on Drake Volcano.

I also finally got around to updating nexus. Sorry for the extended delay!

This winter is harsh!

I will hopefully get another good quality update out this week, though it will likely just be bug fixes. I want to finally finish fixing the Door issue…

V3.0.13 and beyond!

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Thank you HBS for announcing your upcoming kickstarter! It seemed to have kicked us into gear. ;)

I am slowly plugging away at bug fixes and other stuff. I will be updating the mod more regularly, at least once a week again if not more.

Thomas is also working on Aneki building which is excellent news and I can’t wait to see what he does.

We may have a new mapper to work on the Drake Volcano logic. That would be a huge help and continue to add non-combat solutions.

One question is what ever happened with our Dragon? I can’t remember if it was handed off or just back-burner’ed.

Hopefully I will have more exciting news soon!


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