SNES Shadowrun

Jake's Demise Take 2

I promised a video, so here’s a video.
Its not what I had intended, I had planned on showing the various Morgue interactions (Waking up, Returning, Returning with Shades, and returning with the badge), but I ran into some bugs in the module that I fixed instead.

I should have that video available tomorrow.

For now you get the updated Jake’s Demise video. I incorporated several of the requested changes and fixed some silly issues I had in there.

Jake’s Demise Take 2

I also considered doing a full walk through video, but I think I prefer to give people smaller bites.

The Cage is open!

Something a little more colorful to report.

The Cage Club is not mapped out. Its an early draft still.

Srr tenth cage

I need to add a bunch of conversation, including Glutman and the concert. I also need to get the stage to properly display with the performers on it. Lastly, though the lighting looks right in the editor, it is completely off in the game itself.

Keywords, Enemies, Bugs!

Another quick update. I accidentally fell asleep last night, so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. Still, I’ll been plugging away at it again today.


  • Fixed Spawn Room logic (disabled until interact with door)
  • Added Enemies to Spawn Room
  • Re-statted enemies
  • Created SNES_Resource content pack to help in development.
  • Keyword implementation (I take back my previous statement, its straight forward to implement, but takes forever to do so!)
  • Business Man tried to participate in combat. He wasn’t set to non-com.
  • Walkthrough to verify keyword usage.

TO DO (some is repeat from last update)

  • Fix Movement lag (Decker)
  • Dog behavior in center
  • Fix logic for Jake’s apartment door to make more obvious you can goto his room.
  • Need to enable Grinder and ticket keywords. This is done by The Cage.

My original plan for the Tenth Street Demo to NOT include The Cage. I forgot that the bouncer was the one who gave you the Tickets keyword which opened up EVERYTHING else. So, The Cage will be included. I will map it out today. This means the only thing which will be missing from the Demo is The Cemetery and the Hitmen.

Lots of Bug Fixes

Today isn’t that exciting to report on, I fixed lots of tiny bugs. I’ll probably re-record all the videos this weekend (although its a shame to sacrifice my view counts).

Today’s tasks

  • Fixing the Morgue scene display.
  • Spending excessive time trying to improve Ambush scene
  • Added logic for spawn points (though enemies aren’t present yet)
  • FULL Tenth Street walkthrough. Fixed a bunch of tiny bugs.
  • Added custom “Dog” portrait (provided by Geeked)

To Do

  • Figure out how I will handle armor.
  • Decide how to handle hiring mechanic.
  • Fix dog behavior in park
  • Infinite spawn room changes – Enemies don’t spawn on map start and triggers are disabled until you interact with the door.
  • Add roaming actors
  • Fix the morgue behavior when you return with the badge. (Larry doesn’t properly interact with the cabinets.)
  • Stat out Enemies (which is hard to do when we don’t have the char gen rules)

Once I complete those to do items, I’ll be ready to release the alpha of the demo.
I’ll try to make at least one of this weekend’s posts more exciting.

Morgue Take 3 Almost ready!

Another quick status update.

I have added the rest of the logic for the Morgue. I just need to test to make sure it works. There is one “effect” type thing I still want to do, but that might not be practical. Aside from that the Morgue is almost ready for release.

- All conversations are configured.
- All item drops are configured.
- Return logic (for checking badge and shades) is implemented.

I just need to test it.

Slowly Slogging Away

Regrettably I don’t have any fancy visuals to show you today!

Today has been fairly busy though. Harebrained Studios linked to my youtube channel and wiki so I was fielding a decent amount of questions. I welcome the advice and suggestions! While I won’t incorporate all of it, I will at least consider it all. Additionally, all this advertising looks like it will be increasing our team, which means we’ll release that much sooner.

I also spent a decent amount of time reorganizing the wiki. Once we finish cleaning up the layout, it will make creating future scenes MUCH easier. It will also allow us to track the progress. Its grunt work, BUT it will save us time in the future.

As for module work, the highlights are:

  • Almost every Tenth Street “quest item” is in the game.
  • I added a bunch of dialogue, its mostly flavor text, but that’s part of the game!
  • The phone system is almost ready as well.
  • The first infinite spawn room is ready, so now I just need to copy the method in the other locations.
  • Working on stat’ing out the hire-able Shadowrunners.

Things are going well!
Good night.


Two new videos!

An updated version of the Morgue scene. I fixed a bunch of issues I was having and used a screen capture tool.
p(oembed). Morgue Take 2

The scene before the game begins when Jake gets gunned down in the alley. How many combat rounds do you think YOU can last?
p(oembed). Downtown Ambush


A quick post to share some accomplishments.

  • The Morgue, and the items / information available is functioning properly even when you return to the room from outside. I still need to add the logic for once you have the sunglasses and badge though, so there is lots to do, BUT I will be posting an updated video tonight or tomorrow.
  • Jake’s death scene is WORKING. I pounded on this logic for ages and now it finally works (mostly). You need to reload your character afterwards when it loads the Morgue, but that is only a slight annoyance. A video of that will be posted soon as well.
  • Dialogue! The Business Man is fully configured! You can buy Frag Grenades and the Lone Star Badge. He’ll need to be edited when we decide if we are doing the Keyword approach or not, but then again, so will everyone.
  • Glutman’s Secretary is also configured. But her dialogue is much less exciting.

At the moment, my next steps are.

  • Two new videos! Jake’s death and the Morgue version 2.
  • Configure the scene with the wounded man. It should be quick.
  • Add the logic for Jake’s apartment, including the save point and heal point.
  • Work on the spawn rooms so that I am happy with how they behave.
  • Rework the title page / initial presentation of this wiki. We might be getting more hits soon. whistles innocently
New Video!

This will be a short update since again I am up too late.

Grim Reaper Club

A quick list of other accomplishments

  • Hamfist and Jagadance have been spec’ed out in the editor. They probably need to be rebalanced but they are there!
  • I know how to do the infinite respawn rooms. The trigger logic is easy enough. The hard part is properly placing the regions so that eventually combat stops.
  • The Morgue has been updated and I will likely release a better quality video.
  • Jake’s demise, the opening scene before the game begins, is almost ready. I’m having some trouble with NPCs not doing what they’re told to, but that should be fixable next time the editor is updated.

I’ve also encountered one annoying problem. Even outside of combat, movement is turn-based. That means I cannot have wandering NPCs. They will have to be set in specific locations except in special circumstance.

That’s all for now

And I'm up too late... But MAPS!

Quick update before bed.
Two more locations are mapped out, the office building and the restaurant near the rail station.


The restaurant will be interesting dealing with the injured man and the enemy spawn room.

Srr tenth rail apt


I like Glutman’s office, but the other room seems much to spread out. Then again it will have three NPCs trying to kill you… I definitely want to add more filler to it.

Srr tenth office

With the completion of these two maps, there are three locations left on Tenth Street to map.

  • The Cage
  • The Cemetery
  • The Monorail Station

Based on time constraints I had planned on releasing those scenes AFTER the alpha release. For those who don’t remember, I was aiming at the alpha (Tenth Street Demo) release for within a week of the game’s release date. Unless the logic takes longer than expected, I should be well on target for that goal. I may even be able to get the extra locations in too.

If you want to ensure I get it out on time though, I could use help with the NPCs! There are a lot to choose the appearance of and to stat out. If I can concentrate on the trigger logic instead of worrying about their specs, it will definitely help me release on time.

Also, I want to once again thank everyone who is helping! Without the dialogue work and SNES maps this project wouldn’t be possible! Thanks


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