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Dragonfall Key Giveaway

I’m giving away my extra kickstarter key for Dragonfall. (I had 3)

State of the Module Address

I am trying to nail down what we need to do to finally make it to beta.

1. Drake Tower Logic
2. Drake Volcano Logic
3. Aneki Building
4. Aneki Logic
5. Docks Matrix
6. Drake Matrix
7. Aneki Matrix
8. Balancing
9. Akimi Logic
10. Fix OnDeath logic
11. “Random Events” (the things which happen once but add flavor)
12. Jester Realm Logic

Am I missing anything?




Hopefully I have fixed all the spawning and behavior issues.
I fixed the major ones, then walked through to verify.
Of course I found more things to fix then which I didn’t verify.

Let me know if you see any issues.


First of two planned updates for today. This is the small stuff. Next should have logic fixes (and will be posted to Nexus as well as steam)

Updated Hamfist Photo
Updated Frogtongue Photo
Updated Jetboy Photo
Gutted Docks Matrix Logic. My experiment was not fun to play.
Made King challenge more accessible
Fixed Glutman Matrix so you can exit and enter multiple times.
Deleted old maps which are no longer used


Bremerton – Enter at your own risk.

There is logic and enemies and you might die. Its not at all balanced and its likely to be a hard fight. There’s also various issues with the spawning logic which I need to fix.

This build includes:
- Rust Stilletos DONT HAVE GEAR. Fixed. But they still won’t use grenades!
- Hired Spawners updated for Jangadance, Steelflight
- Updated Jagged Nails with Steelflight
- Updated templates for Jangadance, Steelflight
- Updated Grim Reaper with Jangadance
- Added Enemies and spawning logic. There are some issues like free XP and they haven’t been balanced.

Tomorrows build will include:
- Any critical bug fixes you point out.
- New Splatter portrait



- Made Jake’s door more obvious
- Bremerton maps included and transitions implemented
- Updated Hamfist and Frogtongue pictures
- Added Ooze/Slime to Bremerton
- Adding bottle logic, timebomb logic

I’ll be posting another update tomorrow to add the enemies to Bremerton as well as updating another hire-able runner’s picture (or more)

There are small bugs / issues with the logic, but I don’t think there is anything mod breaking. I probably already know about them, but please post to the bug thread if you encounter anything.

Tour Bremerton

You can tour Bremerton!

We are more or less on track for Monday playability.



We have begun updating Bremerton. Currently only the outside is available.

The inside is fully mapped, but needs spawners, triggers, etc.

I am hoping to have Bremerton fully playable by Monday, but I can’t promise it. Worst case scenario you will be able to visit everything.

It will be nowhere near balanced.

I will post the update to Nexus as well.

For those wondering where V2.0.2 was, that’s a secret! Sadly it is far from finished so its not accessible yet.

Sorry for the radio silence

Just a quick note to say sorry for the radio silence!
I hope to get back to work shortly after my wedding this weekend.



Wow, merged in a lot of changes courtesy of Foh.
I haven’t had the chance to do more than verify the basics.

I am officially considering this an untested/unstable build.
Let me know if you have any troubles.


dog giving the spell (changed from heal_1 to heal wound) for items is now included in dialog and magic rating is adapted

autosaves when leaving a warehouse

made scene prettier (lights, rain, clutter, prettier warehouses, door sounds)

mermaid scales implemented

added numbers to warehouse doors (a note found on tenth street references “warehouse no.5”)

started implementing dog giving spells for quest items (works but is not final)

Rat Shaman’s Lair

modified jester spirit’s spawn

more lights in sewer

autosave when entering the boss room

made graveyard area a little bit prettier

removed shaman’s nature spirit since he can’t keep it under control

kitsune becomes loyal when she survives the rat shaman fight

Dark Blades

merged maps into DB_Mansion

optimized gate/bronze key mechanic

tweaked vampire fight a bit

made strobe flash prettier

weapon shop now has berlin weapons

autosaves when entering crypt and vampire lair


changed entrance mechanic to rat shaman so that players won’t have to change scene to find out that the gate is locked

changed entrance mechanic to drake (now with password dialog!)

made dark blade mansion and a bit of the cemetary visible

changed dog message mechanic and made dog run towards docks (before dog said the message too early so that it would remain unnoticed by most players)

included the hotel on DT_Center map and added door sounds to hotel

checked “ambient actor” box on civilians

changed teleport from DT_Center to eastern part of DT (where Drake building is), to get rid of the problem that the camera isn’t teleported with the player. I believe that was related to the interaction with the transfer icon.

changed some icons from scene transition" to “warp” to make it clear for players where they have to expect loading time

changed variable to open jagged nails since we track RS progress anyway, the JN_open bool variable was redundant

Downtown North

added movement blocker to prevent player from leaving camera region

modified slims dialog to take money and use a charisma threshold

checked “ambient actor” box on civilians

travelpoint into aneki tower which says “currently under construction”

added aneki front guard with some logic (currently too strong)

karma, nuyen mechanics

Drake Tower

merged all floors into DT_Drake1-2 map

autosave when changing floor

elevator mechanic like in dragonfall disco/hotel

pilot dialog with travel option to travel to volcano and docks

enemy spawns (KE look)

karma, nuyen mechanics

added splatters betrayal

added NPC smacktalk during fight


travel option back to docks

first three sublevels merged together for now, but will be split again later due to ressource requirements

played arround with a nice elevator mechanic (you can go up and down on the first three sublevels, sublevels4+5 are own scenes with no way back up atm )

tweaked elevators a bit (now all have the little bridge)


implemented thomas’ stair-illusion to have less teleports and bigger map pieces

some monorail sounds

slightly tweaked daley station ambush to have both texts of the ork with the key displayed and added a wall

added street kid

added temporary screen labels to display where the trains go


added a little cam fade-out-fade-in for the operation

tweaked dialogs to give players the choice not to open the shops if they don’t want to

changed shops to use berlin items (seems BuMoNa is just better than DocWagon ;))

merged into DT_North (maybe?)

Jagged Nails

Kitsunes dialog modified for becoming loyal and now doesn’t give the leaves repeatedly

placed some movement blockers so that PC doesn’t run on stage or behind barkeepers area

splatter isn’t there anymore after he betrayed you

gave the poor waitress a bit more room to walk


added some text to the loading screen (mainly to reference the matchbook that the player finds in his pocket after waking up in the morgue)

placed some movement blockers to prevent strange clipping

Old Town

tweaked some dialogs

tweaked weapon shop (added throwing knifes, hunting rifle, spiked fist from berlin)

merged old town together into OT_OldTownComplete

added light to barrel fires


tweaked some dialogs

kid now can sell drone

added dialog pic to king and changed his look to stand out from normal ork gangers (adapted his look in arena too)

added a gate to make it more obvious that you cannot leave

added light to barrel fires

Rust Stiletto Turf

reworked all mechanics (use of the iron key is now obvious)

tweaked dialogs

repaired broken gangers (some had wrong look)

added jetboy moneyfind

added some loot for fun

added some toxic barrels for even more fun


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