SNES Shadowrun

Drake Tower - V1.5.3

Drake Tower Maps have been added.
There is no logic in them, just the maps.
Oh, and the really deadly turrets.


Arena opponents 1 to 9 are included BUT the turn based nature of the game makes for pretty boring fights.

Fighting the King is not yet implemented.
Fighting the Replicating Mage is not yet implemented.
The opponents are only partially balanced and I still need to play with their behavior.
I still need to add the bystanders.


Update almost entirely by Foh.

Added Wastelands Club
Added Hotel

Bug Fixes
- Only fight Rust Stilletos once
- Already used conversation options in Stilettos are hidden instead of grayed out
- You cannot leave Daley station the first time unless you pick up the key.

Open Issues
- Hiring from the Wastelands is not implemented

I am still planning on an Arena update tonight.


Click here to download

This is an unexpectedly LARGE update.
This is an UNKNOWN STABILITY version. I did a very quick test, but was far from thorough.

- This was supposed to be ready, but it is not yet. The first two opponents are implemented, but if you try and enter the Arena after that you will get stuck. I am still hopeful I will have most of it implemented by late night Sunday.

- Thanks to the addition of a new mapper, we have the MAPS for this. There is NO LOGIC implemented yet. All you can do is wander around and look at the layout. We would greatly appreciate your comments.

- The Docks have been implemented and look great. I did a quick run through and it looks like they are fully functional.

- Bremerton is properly mapped from the Docks. It is still under development and I haven’t verified the Jester’s Realm.

- Both sections have been modified but I have not looked at them. Be warned, the logic controlling the gate has been implemented and I have not verified it in practice. Logically it looks sound though.

Please post any issues here

Thanks and enjoy.

Update and Organization

I have been slowly plugging away at the arena (and the fixes to the caryards it required).
The first two opponents are implemented.
I still need to add the audience, and fix some of the logic.
I will have something to share on the weekend.

Also, its been a week since I asked for a status check and only a few people replied.
Anyone who hasn’t replied loses their claim on regions to map and I will be posting a new call for mappers to the Shadowrun (and possibly steam) boards.

Thanks to those who did reply!

Small update

My week was busier than expected, but I promised an update.
This update consists entirely of FOH’s work.
I did a quick walk through to ensure nothing broke from the file merge, and it looks functional. (A couple scene transitions aren’t properly formatted, but things worked)

- the rust stilettos gang boss can be interacted with after he’s “killed”.
- On my test run, the gang boss did NOT freeze the game.
- the rust stiletto ork with the crowbar can be looted after death.
- maplethorpe and rust stilettos got some lights
- fixed dialogue with maplethorpes secretary
- changed the jester spirits (in rat shamans lair) dialog a bit
- temporarily linked Bremerton to Downtown so it is accessible.
- made dog on bremerton outer ship drop to the ground to be looted after he is killed

During my walkthrough I also attempted to verify some reported bugs.

Let me know if you face any trouble.

Expect the next update Sunday 9/22.

Arena Almost Included

First off… if you haven’t already, please reply to the discussion thread with your status.

Secondly, I received some changes from Foh, I have NOT had the chance to merge them in yet.

Lastly, ARENA.
The map is ready, but the logic is not.
Srr ot arena v2

(well, mostly ready, it looks a lot better with less black space)

Welcome to the Arena!

The arena is off to a slow start, but its started.

I will be doing something about the black space. I specifically chose partially transparent walls so that I could place fan watching through the cracks.

I could use some manner of circle drawn in the dirt (though that might even be within my skills with paint!)

Sadly I couldn’t duplicate the geometry of the original, it simply doesn’t support those angles!

Srr ot arena

Snes ot arena


Small bug fix update

- Fixed TS Monorail entrance
- Verified hiring in sputnik club
- Fixed Glut of Glutmans (unverified)
- Fixed Shaman body removal
- Shaman conversation doesn’t freeze, it zooms in.
- Fixed zoom in problem. It is consistently working for me. This does not mean it works for everyone. Please let me know.
- Added music to the cemetery (I wanted the crypts silent, but that’s not set yet)


After much delay 1.4.1 has been released.
Of those who were able to access the Rust Stiletto’s lair on v1.4.0 (confirming they were indeed on the latest version), no critical issues were reported.

Due to time constraints this is a smaller release.

Changes of note
- Downtown North is now accessible allowing you to get to the doctor
- The Monorail has been fixed to make it a little more user friendly.
- Possibly resolved the conversation freezing issue with Chrome Coyote and the Rust Stiletto’s Boss. (Seeking confirmation, its working for me, but it might not be working for you)


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