SNES Shadowrun


A quick note.

I was interviewed for an article about our project. It should show up on sometime next week.

I told the interviewer that it was important to me that Thomas and Foh got credit for all their hard work and that the project would be much further behind without them.

I just wanted to let you know, so that you could keep an eye out for the article.
(and hopefully they will have good things to say about the project!)

Dark Blades mansion exterior and Gunshop

uploaded to dropbox, the lighting for the exterior db map should probably be very close to the lighting of the streets, though not essentially.

2013 10 13 00002

2013 10 13 00006

2013 10 13 00003

2013 10 13 00005

2013 10 13 00004

2013 10 13 00001

not sure if its possible, but id like it if the turret in the gunshop followed the main character around, failing that, have it on an ai patrol thing.


- Included fan requested, and voted for, image of Anders.
- Began balancing Rust Stilletos map. The outside map should be properly balanced and most likely beatable without support if you fought your way out of the caryards.

This is my last update before the weekend.


The progress logic has been reworked for the Rat Shaman and Rust Stillettos.
Thanks Foh!

I am unlikely to make any more changes until the weekend. On the flip side, if you are going to be in NY on Friday, you can find me at New York Comic Con.


Added Drake Stronghold Maps.
There is no logic currently, and entering them will lead to a dead end.
(No way to get back)

Next update will be a good fix for the Rust Stiletto and Rat Shaman logic which will hopefully enable us to remove our temporary work around.

props! monorail, signage, plants updated today cooked and uncooked versions are up

2013 10 08 00001

2013 10 08 00002

2013 10 08 00006

its a newer version of ‘the cage’ logo which im a lot happier with, plus the wooden door got resized after the screeners were taken, the monorail is a cleaned up combination of the existing props, in dark and in normal colours, also has light set and tracks, id say a lot easier for animating.


- The pack got corrupted. Fortunately I take daily backups. I don’t think any work was lost.
- Changed Rust Stiletto boss logic to unlock Jagged Nails
- Verified Anders is hire-able and that he will follow you to the Rat Shaman map.
- Added real armor to old town shop. Can be purchased from shop interface.
- Replaced “fake” armor jacket with starter armor.


- Added Temporary Hack Work-Around to Rust Stilletos.
- Fixed Duration logic for Jangadance and Hamfist
- Added Cost / Duration Variation to Orifice and Dances
- Variablized Caryards exit cost
- Added Arena Reset to the bed in the caryards as a temporary work around.


Fixed Caryard logic
- Challenging the king after all other opponents are dead should now work
- The King keyword does not get unset anymore.
- Fixed Heavy Dude to use YOUR name instead of Armitage
- Fixed health pack logic so you can’t buy more than 6 (at a time)

Fixed Arena logic
- You are now told in the conversation how much nuyen you won.

Possible Hire-able Runner fix
- If you are unable to hire runners, rest in either Jake’s Apartment or the Downtown Hotel. The configuration menu will have an option that MIGHT fix it.

Progress with the “Secret Room”
- I won’t tell the how or what. It is NOT accessible yet.

Implemented Variable hiring cost / duration for Grim Reaper Club
- This impacts Hamfist and Jangadance.

Attempted to fix karma redemption conversation option to display available Karma. It is not currently working.

Next update will hopefully include Drake Stronghold (maps only) as well as variable cost / duration for more Runners


- Bug fix for the Replicating Mage.
- Balanced / Added hiring of Kitsune, Splatter, and Steelflight. Their behavior still needs to be verified.


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