SNES Shadowrun


Slowly plugging away. I pushed out version 3.0.11 on Sunday.

All floors up to the 4th floor in Drake are playable. You need a decker but you don’t need to hack.

The logic is slightly tested. There are a lot of options and it is possible to make it through without fighting. Granted you need the right skills…

I need to implement a non-decking approach for those who just want to slaughter all the way… If you can’t hack you can’t unlock the elevator. This will be something simple like giving the “special” floor guard a key.

If any of you get the chance to play, let me know which conversation options you end up using and if you find yourself stuck at any point.

I also have one placeholder conversation in the 4th floor still. It has the choices and logic but no fluff. If you want to come up with something clever let me know, otherwise I’ll just fill it in eventually.

I can’t wait to finish this map! Its so close I can almost taste it… Then comes all the bug fixing.

Any news on other sections? Or am I the last one plugging away at this?

Any new props or art or progress on Aneki?

Let me know!

Breaking the silence

Sorry for the lack of updates here. None of the progress has been really dramatic so aside from the change log I haven’t seen much reason to comment on it.

I’m slowly plugging away a bug here an update there… We actually are up to V3.0.6 now, so its been 6 (small) updates since we went live on Director’s Cut.

In other news, here’s some Halloween Cheer.

Published on DC Workshop

The module is available on the Director’s Cut workshop.
I have tested that it starts for me, but that doesn’t mean it will start for you.
(The whole classpath side of things)

You will need to subscribe to Geeked’s Prop pack of course.

It is also currently only visible to friends. I don’t want it public until I know it works.

Dragonfall Directors Cut Released

Dragonfall director’s cut is released!

I’m slowly re-working through it, though I got distracted by Wasteland 2 (8 card drops! gah!) .

More important than that though, they released the migration instructions and they are EASY.

The only question is when we migrate because we will need someone to play through once we do. And I am SURE there will be logic problems.

Also, I was thinking, as nice as it would be to include all the props in the mod, I would prefer to keep the prop pack separate. Thomas deserves to receive credit for his work! I don’t want people to forget that this project wouldn’t be possible without him.

Thomas – Any idea when you can put your prop pack up on the new workshop?

Anyone – Any other thoughts?


Patrol routes are implemented!
They seem to work, I made a few tweaks after walking through, but I doubt that broke anything.

Let me know what you think.

  • Are they too busy?
  • Are they logical?
  • Do they leave enough chances to “dodge” security?
  • Do they lag your computer? (tell me your specs)
  • Are they the right speed? I worry they are too fast.

Once I know what people think of the routes I’ll start adding stealth challenge points.

Before then I’ll be adding the static challenge points like doors.

And now to call it a reasonable (1AM) night.


Slow yet steady progress on Drake Tower

Initial Disguise logic is implemented. If you kill the first mage you can take a security uniform and the guards will ignore you. There is a lot left to do though, such as configuring it so that EVERYONE needs a disguise and that the guards will socially challenge you. This lets you travel through the building without dying (for now)

Elevator Activation Logic is implemented. I only tested the first two floors though. Provided you have a deck, and go to the right computer, you should enable the elevator.

Data Fragments are available. The completion logic is not yet implemented.

These are small but important steps. They will need to be reworked some when I actually add the matrix, but parts will still be usable.

I hope to continue to be productive tomorrow… I would like to start updating the security behavior so its more than just run and gun. Currently when you trigger combat they all charge you in the entrance!


I’m sure you have all heard about the Dragonfall Directors Cut.

Click here for more info

I’m not sure how this will impact us. I expect we will end up migrating to the Dragonfall workshop since we require the Dragonfall props. Its likely to be a MESSY transition.

That being said we should probably properly merge in the assets we use from Geeked’s Prop Pack. Anyone know if that’s simply a matter of copy/pasting? Thomas/Geeked – are you cool with us merging in the props?

Are the rest of you exciting about the Director’s Cut like I am? I like the screenshots BUT I am concerned they are trying to look more like Shadowrun Online (which has yet to impress me). I am especially concerned by this proposed new armor system…

Assuming we migrate to Director’s cut, that means we will lose ALL our followers and threads and comments. We probably should plan some sort of advertising blitz when we move – videos, screenshots, lets plays, etc… Thoughts? Ideas?

Lastly, BUGS. When we move I can probably guarantee BUGS. The SRR 1.2 change broke plenty, I can only imagine what chaos this will cause… We will probably need several people to run through the module start to finish the week we update. I might even need to take time off from work to handle fixes…. (maybe I’m taking this a little too seriously?)


I heard back from HBS really quickly on the KS update.

Creator Harebrained Schemes LLC less than a minute ago
J.R., the DF:DC editor will contain all of the Seattle tilesets. And there may be some Steam Cards lying around… : )


A long delayed update, sorry!

Fixed the “About” scene to make it more usable.
In the future it will be replaced with a configuration scene.



- Secret Room is complete, including invincibility cheat.
- Geeked updated a handful of maps.
- Ross updated his Steelflight portrait and added Akumi.

Let me know if you notice anything strange.
The next update will be small, updating the “About scene” then I move onto Drake Tower


I am partially excited about V2.0.4.4.
Of course there are no changes in this update.
Just ignore any beeping or dings you may hear when clicking on your character. ;)


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