SNES Shadowrun


I’ve been quiet here lately!

As you can see by the version number we’ve had several small updates since I last posted.

Its mostly bug fixes though Drake Tower is almost done, one floor to go.

Akimi, the “ubermage” has been added though she is unbalanced and only available Downtown currently. I will finish adding her soon.

I will also be adding the hitman spawners to downtown soon.

SR:HK now has a steam page so I better step up my pace!


When you get Drake Tower done, I will plan to do another full playthrough again, if that sounds good. A multi-hour, detailed dig-through like last time.


Sounds like a plan… There is a LOT which can go wrong in Drake Tower… For best testing I recommend a high charisma character (multiple etiquettes). Obviously you can use the cheat room if you need more karma for that.

Another thing I would like to look at are the hireable runners. I have no idea how strong / weak / balanced they are. Then again the mod needs a balancing pass later anyway… And at some point we need to enable difficulty scaling…


Drakes Volcano is pretty much ready to go as well… Once you finish the towers, you can tie in the volcano too. :)

I know I’m missing the xp/karma calculator triggers, but I’m pretty sure I copied the hirable runner stuff across.


The Volcano should already be tied in ;)

XP/Karma triggers are easy enough to add. I probably have the proper values doc’ed somewhere around here…

I’ll doublecheck the hirable runner section as well, but yeah, I think you had it.


@Ledier ive left a written mission plan and image to the same tune for an idea on how the Aneki run should happen – on the geeked folder/snes on dropbox – would much like to hear your thoughts – good or bad


@Thomas – Quick notes on your ideas.

Required Runners: I don’t think there should be any required runners, its not in the spirit of the game as you could feasibly go solo. On that note, there should be trode net(s) and matrix gear available throughout the level so that even a non decking character can experience the ’trix.

Security / Lockdown / Dialogue: This is the building which attacks you on sight if you try and enter it from the map. I don’t think you will have many options to talk (which would also mean you wouldn’t have much chance to talk to a security guard, they would shoot you first). On the flip side there could be “scientists” in the building who don’t care that you could “rescue”. I do like the idea of going primarily tech security, at least in the final floor. Another option is to have the information you want communicated gained through the computers and found documents.

Betrayal: I like having the option to help the AI. Its completely against Jake’s personality but who cares! :P Obviously anyone except for Kitsune would turn against Jake at that point.

Hacking: The ideas around firewalls needing to be taken down both in and out of the matrix is promising. I would imagine it would be something along the lines of the runners restore a physical connection and need to defend it so the hacking PC can upload the virus…

Escape: Having to get to the roof and escape makes sense. Plus it pretty much just uses the existing cranial bomb logic.

Akimi: I just entered her hire dialog the other day… To put it simply she seems to be a full of herself jerk so unfortunately various ideas involving her don’t feel right.

Epilogue: Escape to the chopper, see things blow up, fade to black. We want to leave it completely open for “shadowrun 2” :P

Just my initial thoughts.


yeh well you know already … i’ve always been for taking liberties with the original material – so long as things look similar…. and well – always felt the last few missions in the game were rushed, badly written and forgettable. the design doc i wrote is the best i could think of to add the ‘larger game’ that dragons play – which i figure is very much in the spirit of Shadowrun.

ledeir ledeir

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