SNES Shadowrun


I have added a new NPC to sell Matrix gear.

Spoiler Alert!

He shows up in Glutman’s office after you get rid of the cranial bomb. You need to unlock his store through simple conversation options. The shop part isn’t yet implemented though. Glutman’s secretary has also been edited to reference the shop so that new players can hopefully find it.

I decided to go with a free, skill based, deck upgrade approach for him. Once you hit Decking 3 he will swap your Sony for a Kraftwerk deck, Decking 5 upgrades again for a Fuchi, and last but not least if you hit 7 you get the Excalibur.

I’m hoping to get another update out tonight, it depends how much time I have. Today is a chore day.

And in case you are tracking my steam game use, I’m not playing Chaos Reborn as much as it claims! Its just easier to leave the game open and check every so often if its my turn in an asynchronous game :P


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