SNES Shadowrun


Slow yet steady progress on Drake Tower

Initial Disguise logic is implemented. If you kill the first mage you can take a security uniform and the guards will ignore you. There is a lot left to do though, such as configuring it so that EVERYONE needs a disguise and that the guards will socially challenge you. This lets you travel through the building without dying (for now)

Elevator Activation Logic is implemented. I only tested the first two floors though. Provided you have a deck, and go to the right computer, you should enable the elevator.

Data Fragments are available. The completion logic is not yet implemented.

These are small but important steps. They will need to be reworked some when I actually add the matrix, but parts will still be usable.

I hope to continue to be productive tomorrow… I would like to start updating the security behavior so its more than just run and gun. Currently when you trigger combat they all charge you in the entrance!


ledeir ledeir

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