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This is a sub-version change. We are not officially on a stable build yet.

Fixes are below.

About Screen: Version number was confusing
- Clarified / Fixed.

Morgue: Basic Medikit respawns
- Initially respawned intentionally. This has been changed.

Telephone: when calling Sassie, final words: Bye Jake (even if your character is named differently)
- Should be fixed.

Tenth Street, Grim Reaper Club:
Jangadance has three hiring options: 100 Be on call (greyed out when picked before) / 1500 Yes / 1500 Yes (greyed out)
- Fixed

Old Town Talismonger: Option Vampires is always present, albeit greyed out.
- Fixed

Old Town Weapons Store: Option Mesh Wire Jacked
- Removed. He has several armors in his inventory.

Daley Station:
the exit symbol on the train is missing when you first arrive there. Fighting the orcs, leaving the screen and re-entering does not make it appear. Leaving the station, though and going back to the train then, does.
- Intentional. The scene has been modified so that it doesn’t appear to be a bug.

Dr. Maplethorpe: when talking to him with an active Cortex Bomb timer, choose the heal option and he sells an basic medikit for 100. After he fixed you though, you’ll get the shop window, the basic medikit now costs 150
- Updated so that both conversations bring up the shop screen.

Wasteland Club:
Frogtongue, hiring options: no “Be on call”, hiring option reads {{GM}1500 Yes
- Fixed. Not verified. On Call Price is not correct.

Anders, hiring options: no “Be on call”
- Fixed. Not verified. On Call Price is not correct.

Jetboy, hiring options: no “Be on call”
- Fixed. Not verified. On Call Price is not correct.

Norbert, hiring options: no “Be on call”
Initially (Talk option) he says 2000 upfront – but hiring is about 1000
after you’ve gone through all his options without hiring him, talk to him again – no hiring option anymore. No options at all, that is. Leaving/re-entering fixes that, though.
- Fixed. Not verified. On Call Price is not correct.

Open Issues

Tenth Street Office Block:
when attempting to enter the Building, where the Business Man resides, but then reconsider (cancelling) and instead trying to enter the Glutman Building, you’ll still be transportet to the first interior.
- Not yet addressed.

Monorail: Directions would be nice at Old Town Station.
- Most likely will be a custom prop fix.

Rust Stilettos area outside:
What is the Iron Key for? Never saw a messege it was used or needed…
- Will clarify.

Jagged Nail Club:
Club Manager sells the street doc number several times, but it’s not payed even once.
Splatter, hiring options: no “Be on call”, one valid, one greyed outside
Steelflight, hiring options: no “Be on call”, one valid, one greyed out
Kitsune, hiring options: no “Be on call”, one valid, one greyed out. Upon hiring, checking her inventory – Heal V – 100 HP? Seriously? That’s game breaking.
- Will fix in next build.

Docks area:
upon entering, combat triggers, 2 skull symbols appeared next to the images of Kitsunge and my char. They disappeared seconds later
- Need to investigate. Most likely related to the “lone star spawn”.

first warehouse, matrix: is somewhat buggy. First I triggered some IC, then my char got teleported halfway back, after clearing the map and getting both nodes, I clicked to make him move towards exit – suddenly he started running until he hit the wall (nowhere near I was clicking to begin with)
- The matrix was still being worked on. I was experimenting with interesting approaches, and part of that nodes approach involves teleporting. I’ll check to make sure it didn’t break AND to make it seem deliberate instead of bugged.

second warehouse, dog: Dog gave me Heal I, took leaves and increased my Spellcasting score from 0 to 1 – opon entering, I never talked to him in that place before. intentional?
- I’ll have to check.

Sewers/Rat Shaman’s Lair
new design is great, but could use a litte bit more lighting. End of game for me, after the fight I was trapped – my char even said so, when we reached for the door. Didn’t find a second exit or someone to talk to or any other kind of objet to meddle with…
- Foh will be handling this, unless he needs help.


The thing with dog (heal spell and spellcasting) is intentional. But i think i will change it and incorporate it in the opening dialog since it seem to confuse some people.

I am investigating the rat shaman problem (also no clue yet how he can keep a spirit under control).
Right now i have no clue why it didn’t work for the guy that reported it, everything seems to be as it was when i had it running. Will test more and write a post of how i have set up the triggers so that others looking into it have a better understanding of my plan.


I’ll have a look into the rust stiletto area again soon and work on the iron key issue. Since the RS are glow punks i was thinking about changing the lights to a more green-ish tone and maybe placing some of the new exploding barrels, i think there are some with poison gas :)


With respect to the iron key, we just need to have a message at the door saying what’s happening.
And exploding barrels sound like fun.

ledeir ledeir

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