SNES Shadowrun


Merged in the improved Old Town graphics.
Smoke tested that links and transitions still work.
They all worked for me with the exception of the old town weapon shop.
I am hoping that was just a fluke because the logic looked right.

Added a “cheat” option to the Caryards sleep point.
If you don’t want to grind, you can get 25 free karma. You can repeat this several times if you want. It may or may not be disabled in the future.

Next update, once it is confirmed that this one works properly, will be posted to Nexus as well as Steam.

This module requires Geeked’s prop pack.
More information is available here


Thomas – I think I accidentally removed the fountain prop update.
Can you double check for me?
(The latest version is in the dropbox)


ill get onto it.. i can just copy map files over to the new version yeh?


Yeah. Just let me know when you do it.


Actually, tell me what files you copy, just in case there are changes.
I went through the files quicker than normal when merging them last night…


all good ive figured out how to update the scene transition tiles as well :D ive copied over jagged nails, wastelands and TS_external,, all working so far


whoa somethings not right, if i edit the 2nd version of a map to get the lighting right the editor spawns another version of that map!


aneki exterior done! … tiles i made months ago getting to see the light of day :D ive taken the liberty of moving the road crossing a bit to make it a bit easier for the player to locate dr maplethorpes place – and to keep the ‘hub’ feel i have planned for the area just outside the monorail station. also had a go at making a simple conversation with the bus driver which actually works ;P. ive decided to make the dt maps exterior all with a blueish lighting to make them distinct from the rest of the game.

also have done the rust stilletos scenes and a quick breeze over the maplethorpe and hotel scenes. rust stilettos ive tried to make the building interior look like blacklights.. sorta works :S looks ok though – i broke the key to the front door script somehow.

gonna work on dt_centre next .. because of the hub idea the layout might change a bit from the original


1.11.0b.rar in the geeked folder = uploaded what ive done to dropbox


TS_ext (mermaid deal)
TS_office blocks (mercurial posters)
ts_office (glutman signage)
ts_morgue (sound)
grim reaper (lighting)(sound)
caryards (sound, 2-lighting)
arena (sound, 2-lighting)
sputnik (sound)
jagged nails (all)
monorail 2 (lighting)
wastelands (all)
rust stilettos (all)
dt_north (all)
dt_doc (lights, tidy)
dt_hotel (lights, tidy)

as i mentioned earlier, the secondary maps in oldtown and 10th street started making more new maps rather than just saving over them… so not sure what thats all about


V1.12.0 is out. It will be uploaded to dropbox soon


so i see … nice! i made up a few brief conversations for DT exterior maps, not sure if they carried over? no matter, was just a bit of a muck around. ill give this a proper runthrough sometime in the next few days see how it all works together.

ive made the monorail sections (including Dt_centre) so that if we get someone who can possibly animate the monorail carts – we’ll have no clipping through other props (pretty sure). same goes for the XL billboard in the center hub (purple drinks sign) – i have frames for that – some white noise frames and a ‘drink this’ frame – was thinking later in the game of having a closeup dragon eye looking out of the screen as a flash frame … maybe. also would be good to get someone who knows how to script flashing light vfx properly for anywhere there is lonestar and for inside the club scenes (cage, jagged nails, and maybe wastelands) – these are things we can save for polish later eh – though Dave Hendrickson from SRI seems to know what he’s talking about – either way it would be good to get an animator at some later stage.

Thunderforge (from steam) seems pretty keen to help out with bugs, formatting and consistency, and knows what he’s talking about – think we can con him into helping for the entire project? give proper credit and all.

while on the drafting theme i reckon the guy who made Detroit Kill City could make the drake volcano mission quite interesting, theres no doubt of his scripting skils eh.

gonna leave the rat shaman lair for now – maybe tinker with lighting and sounds..? – as the Dragonfall DLC has the sewer tiles we all wanted i wont make any new stuff for that yet. they will also have new actors and stuff we will want to use – not sure if they are locked out if you dont buy the dlc – but IF they do… i vote we need them straight away – the promise of fire drakes is just essential to this project and 15$ is just a really pissy thing to argue about – yet they still do on steam eh.

things are going well …getting closer to tackling Aneki towers.. ill be looking at making props for docks, bremerton ship and jester lair next. looks like Gribs is done with this project so ill make some frames for octoboss (at very least the ‘dead_state’ frame and ink spill)

if theres any really good resources on the Shadowrun astral realm and how it looks ill be happy to hear – atm ive got the Dragon Age: Origins ‘fade’ sequences and the Night Watch (novels – Sergei Lukyanenko) ‘gloom’ or ‘twilight’ in mind. Night Watch is a good magic realism novel series btw – the movies are complete rubbish, but the novels contain some great magic dynamics and are well-written detective novels. Highly recommend these books.

All good :D


Wow, long post :P
The conversations transfered fine I believe.
I have a big list of things from Thunderforge, he(?) definitely seems to be helpful.
If we include props from Berlin they would need to own Berlin. I expect some people will complain but simply put – tough.
Especially since it will give us things like Drakes which could be useful.
As for the astral planes, this is where you get to be creative.
Really its anything you can imagine because its a reflection of your personal beliefs or the creatures which dwell there.
If you are just talking about astral projecting instead of traveling to different metaplanes, then picture what the world would look like if it were made of emotion. Non living things are grey and featureless. Living things are colorful and vibrant and there are lingering traces of emotion in areas where certain events happened…
Keep up the good work.

ledeir ledeir

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