SNES Shadowrun

Trudging along! Beta creeps closer!

I randomly decided to check our Analytics today and was surprised to see people still hitting this site fairly regularly!

If I had realized that sooner I would have put more status updates here!

We are trudging along towards beta. The module is playable end to end though there are plenty of bugs to catch.

We have some pretty sweet cinematics for the end which are partially plugged in.

I’m currently working through bug fixing on the Drake maps and Aneki. Once I finish the ones which were reported by our fans, I’ll start a balancing play through to catch more bugs and make sure the default difficulty is right.

Of course last time I did that I found a massive amount of (minor) bugs to fix and didn’t get very far!

I’m trying to increase my time dedication to the project, though its tricky when I was unexpectedly transferred positions at my day job.

But you don’t want excuses! You want (and deserve) results!

Last but not least, you can always find our latest updates on Steam and I usually babble on our facebook page when I’m working on the project. We are also still publishing to Nexus, just not as often as steam.


Any further news? Been a few months since the last update.


Not a whole lot to report!
New addition to the family has eaten most of my time this last month…
Once things get settled down, I should make progress again…


Time for a new update. Been 4 months since the last one :p.


Been doing weekly bug fix sessions for the last 3 weeks… Huge piles of bugs to wade through.

Reworking hired runners so they are more useful as well.

And minus a game breaking bug (I plan to fix tomorrow), the mod is playable end to end! (My last patch broke it, but before that 2 people made it to completion!)

ledeir ledeir

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