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I’m sure you have all heard about the Dragonfall Directors Cut.

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I’m not sure how this will impact us. I expect we will end up migrating to the Dragonfall workshop since we require the Dragonfall props. Its likely to be a MESSY transition.

That being said we should probably properly merge in the assets we use from Geeked’s Prop Pack. Anyone know if that’s simply a matter of copy/pasting? Thomas/Geeked – are you cool with us merging in the props?

Are the rest of you exciting about the Director’s Cut like I am? I like the screenshots BUT I am concerned they are trying to look more like Shadowrun Online (which has yet to impress me). I am especially concerned by this proposed new armor system…

Assuming we migrate to Director’s cut, that means we will lose ALL our followers and threads and comments. We probably should plan some sort of advertising blitz when we move – videos, screenshots, lets plays, etc… Thoughts? Ideas?

Lastly, BUGS. When we move I can probably guarantee BUGS. The SRR 1.2 change broke plenty, I can only imagine what chaos this will cause… We will probably need several people to run through the module start to finish the week we update. I might even need to take time off from work to handle fixes…. (maybe I’m taking this a little too seriously?)


I heard back from HBS really quickly on the KS update.

Creator Harebrained Schemes LLC less than a minute ago
J.R., the DF:DC editor will contain all of the Seattle tilesets. And there may be some Steam Cards lying around… : )


personally, i’d like to keep things as they are – it makes everything simpler. and i like subs you know :D

the latest news is confusing – i really really hope they dont fuck up the current scripting system – for obvious reasons.


Alright, that’s your call.

I just mentioned it because the separate content pack is the most raised issue by our subscribers. PEOPLE DON’T READ!!!

Seriously… I get 2 or 3 people a week minimum asking why the module doesn’t start and the answer always is they are missing either the prop pack or Dragonfall.

Its particularly frustrating when they ask immediately follow a post which explains this.

/end rant


i agree its annoying, i keep tabs on the steam thread. i havent had any problems with changing content pack description on steam. you should do it to add the link to geeked pack – and well, we are still a way from finished – im not up with changing anything in the current workflow till we know exactly what hbs are up to. when we get to alpha (or a few edits in) we can merge geeked pack yeh?

we wait and see what hbs does eh?


If it wasn’t for people asking I’d be happy keeping them separate forever.
I agree they shouldn’t be merged until beta since things are in flux until its playable end to end.
I’m just thinking ahead since Dragonfall DC will bring lots of changes.
Now to see how much we can finish in the next month!


ah just wait it out – none can know what changes will bring least of all the hbs by the sounds


This Dragonfall DC thing might really cost us much. The last SRR patch that broke so many things had us working almost a month to get back to where we were before that patch. That might happen as well.

And getting all fans, followers and subscribers back will be difficult too. Since people don’t read, many won’t notice that we transitioned and just think that the project is dead.

I have to admit, i am a bit scared of that transition.


i hear that Foh! i really dont like the idea of 2 different editors – i understand they want to make money and protect their content – but its gonna be chaos for a time

as far as the content pack description goes – there is a set description when you publish it right? – so dont have to change that and risk any errors – but you CAN edit it on the steam workshop page without affecting anything is my understanding – means you have to add the extra text about geeked pack and dragonfall dependencies – each time you update the snes reboot. but small price to pay yeh?

does this sound right?

ledeir ledeir

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