SNES Shadowrun

Progress Check

We are almost midway through December.
I know some of you are working away in the background (art for instance), but I wanted to check in.
Who is working on what currently?
Do you think we can get done before Berlin releases? Or do you think we need to ask for more help?
I know I have been unable to dedicate as much time as I would like :(
Let me know.


made this quick mashup yesterday, i been pretty busy with work, plotting out some sewer tiles though, also got some corporate building exterior tiles mostly done.

i noticed ‘Phinx’ from the SRR forums made a version of snes downtown worth a look at his work

Progress Check

ok this image of jake on the subway this new version of obsidian portal sucks ass

Progress Check

ha no its just me

Progress Check

Looks good.
And the new version has both pros and cons… I think we’ll get used to it. And they are still working out the kinks.

Progress Check

Hi guys,

i still have not forgotten this project and i will definetly return to it once i got my real life stuff sorted out. I guess it’ll be after christmas or in january.

Progress Check

Hoi Foh – good to see you still around :D all the best for RL!

Progress Check

We understand life getting in the way, things have been slowing me down as well.

Fortunately I can now focus on things again…

I expect to finish Drake by the end of the month.

I would love to finish the initial version of the project by end of January.

I believe we have Aneki, Drake and Bremerton left right? (Each one mapped, but without logic) And we need to balance and make things prettier… (like adding all the little details.)

Progress Check
ledeir ledeir

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