SNES Shadowrun

Hired Runner re-work in progress!

I’ve been terrible about updating here (and even worse on youtube).
I have been fairly regular updating on Steam and the facebook page at least.

I have been doing weekly bug fix patches with a zillion bugs reported by Clockwork. He is clearly the MVP of bugs at this time!

He is also the second person (that I know of) who has played our mod end to end. (He’s done so at least 3 times!)

This week is special. Rather than doing my regular Monday bug fixes, I am going through the hired runner logic and trying to make it better. At the very least I am making it consistent among the maps so hopefully there will stop being scenes where the runners simply disappear.

I am also merging some of the maps to remove scene transitions. The Grim Reaper, and the other clubs, really don’t need a scene transition!

Depending how far I get, I may even be able to finally implement hired runner conversations and upgrades, but I need to finish the ground work first!

Sorry for the lack of updates here!

Next patch will be uploaded to Nexus AND steam.
Hopefully I will finish my updates in time for Monday’s regularly scheduled update, but only time will tell.


ledeir ledeir

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