SNES Shadowrun

Change log V3.1.28 and V3.1.29

Steam is giving me trouble. Here is the changelog for these two updates.


These changes have NOT been tested. Drake Tower MAY have broken from them.
I was going to include more fixes, but in order to test the Morgue I had to publish so the rest will be in the next update.

Drake Tower
- Debug comment removals
- Security movement tweaks
- HIGH RISK FIX: Losing stealth disables social triggers. This needs to be thoroughly tested.

- Modified Drake Tower entrance so you only need to enter the password once.

- Removed auto heal from morgue and replaced it with a situational heal.

Generic Fixes
- Tweaks to Phone Conversation to make it more clear you need a credstick.

To Do
- Add “cover blown permance” to Drake Tower


(I ran out of time)

Drake Tower
- Tweaks to disguise handling on FL5 and 6.
- Modified Security Attack logic by removing “move to player 0” from the command list. This was preventing them from attacking immediately. There may be other logic issues as well.
- Set lose disguise trigger so its not maintained after firing. (this should stop multiple cover blown messages)
- Tweaked roof turrets. Hopefully they will properly attack now (rather than simply over-watching).

To Do
- Adjust “strip disguise” logic to disable “social” triggers. This will be a lot of busy work, but is IMPORTANT to fix.


Wow, it’s been quiet here lately (me included). Where are we at with needing a new version tested?

Change log V3.1.28 and V3.1.29

I’ve been making a LOT of bug fixes and updates over on the steam page, but haven’t had anything interesting to say here…

I probably should have posted about adding spawners Downtown and reworking the spawning logic…

Change log V3.1.28 and V3.1.29
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