SNES Shadowrun

Beta Release Delayed

I figured I ought to post here as well as on the facebook page.

As you might have guessed, I am not going to beat SRR:HK to release. After all it is releasing in about 15 minutes.

I’m not going to make excuses, the delay is my own fault.
I had the time I could have invested in it, I just didn’t have the motivation to work on it because of issues at my day job.

I’m back to work now though! I pushed out an update last night (3.1.39) which made Aneki accessible.

There isn’t anything to do there yet, aside from walk around, but you can at least see our maps. ;)

I will likely need to edit the maps somewhat to make them fit better. The elevators don’t line up on all floors for instance. I also need to strip out the unused floors from the scene. (Thomas gave me a lot to choose from) I was unable to strip out those floors last night because the editor kept crashing on me… Grr.

I am hoping to get the initial combat NPCs included this weekend, but that will depend on how much I can resist the allure of Hong Kong.

I also need to talk things over with Thomas to see how we will make the final location “better” than the original.

To those still helping, I’ll push out the latest update to the drive as soon as I can. Perhaps someone with a gaming rig will be able to delete the floors I couldn’t.

As for our updated schedule, my new goal is to reach beta by end of year. We should be able to do it earlier than that, since its a single scene left, but you’ve seen my pace so I can’t promise it.

Our next steps:

  • Add Combat NPCs to Aneki
  • Add Matrix placeholders to Aneki
  • Add “flavor” to Aneki. This will include some optional scripted scenes with certain runners who may accompany you. This will also include interactions with non-combat (or optional combat) NPCs.
  • Add real matrix to Aneki. This will require adding Matrix gear merchants as well otherwise you’ll just die.
  • Do a full play through (I haven’t yet! I can’t release as beta without doing that)

The initial month after beta will likely require a lot of bug fixes as people who were waiting decide to finally play. Once its stable I will port it to HK (assuming its as easy as porting to DF:DC was). This will be a secondary version, DF will remain the primary version. Then I will take some time off from SRR before coming back to add extra features (like proper matrix and all the extras we wanted to add)

That’s what the future holds!
Sorry for the week communication here lately.


ledeir ledeir

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