SNES Shadowrun

V3.0.13 and beyond!

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Thank you HBS for announcing your upcoming kickstarter! It seemed to have kicked us into gear. ;)

I am slowly plugging away at bug fixes and other stuff. I will be updating the mod more regularly, at least once a week again if not more.

Thomas is also working on Aneki building which is excellent news and I can’t wait to see what he does.

We may have a new mapper to work on the Drake Volcano logic. That would be a huge help and continue to add non-combat solutions.

One question is what ever happened with our Dragon? I can’t remember if it was handed off or just back-burner’ed.

Hopefully I will have more exciting news soon!


in the original, it changed colour and stopped attacking, storywise i think it was supposed to have escaped/ ran away due to the jester spirit. Gribs was making a dragon for us but he’s gone and there was no finalized images for the dragon. my plan is to learn some maya and edit a free 3d dragon prop for 3 poses – alive, attacking and dead – in the meantime we could make some large text props in bold red type ‘BIG SCARY DRAGON’. 4th wall but effectively the same scripting

as far as story goes – once the dragon is defeated a pile of rocks could land on it to leave Drakes fate ambiguous

V3.0.13 and beyond!

Kudos to you guys for hanging in there. I’m still around if you need any more testing done or anything. I’m not very good at mapping though.

V3.0.13 and beyond!
ledeir ledeir

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