SNES Shadowrun


Small changes.
We are now utilizing the new tracking feature from SRR V1.1 for the Cortex bomb.
This was a fairly invasive update which is why we jumped up to V1.8 from 1.7.5.

It appears to be working fine, though I am noticing more lag on combat scenes.
Please let me know if you see any performance issues in this version.

We should have more changes tomorrow as well. As mentioned I wanted to implement the optional quest system. Additionally we have an amazing art prop for the octopus which will be included soon.

Additional note.
Things have been hectic for me lately. Please let me know if there were any submissions to the main build that I have yet to include. I don’t think there were, but I’d rather ask and be sure.

I will be publishing again tomorrow night.


I have a lot of stuff going right now, that’s why it has been so silent on my side lately. I hope to be back in the project soon. I did not abandon it :)

ledeir ledeir

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