SNES Shadowrun

Troll Policy

It looks like our favorite troll is back under a new name – kiwi_lb.
Since we actually have more people who are actively working on the project a reminder for proper Troll Etiquette is probably due.

0. Leave responding to trolls to me in most cases. We want the threads to die leaving the troll unfulfilled.

1. Report the offending poster. If there is a report link on the post itself, click it. If not click the user’s name, go to their page, report and then block them.

2. Do not feed the Trolls. If they raise what can be considered a legitimate issue / complaint do defend it. Instead politely acknowledge their concern and opinion and say any course of action we have for correcting it. Ignore anything which is simply an insult.

For instance Kiwi commented on the long duration. That’s entirely true, we are taking a long time.

3. People tend to defend our project, which is good, unfortunately the fight is what the troll wants. Delete any posts which are attacking the troll. In general you don’t need to report them unless they are getting really out of line.

Anything I’m missing?


could be worse – still, points for dedication to ‘the cause’ – which i assume is ‘inspiring’ us to make a finished product thats better than DMS

Troll Policy

Dave Hendrickson is more than qualified to program the Drake boss – he IS actually a Wizard – so… if we run into troubles we have a backup Gandalf

Troll Policy
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