SNES Shadowrun

props! monorail, signage, plants updated today cooked and uncooked versions are up

2013 10 08 00001

2013 10 08 00002

2013 10 08 00006

its a newer version of ‘the cage’ logo which im a lot happier with, plus the wooden door got resized after the screeners were taken, the monorail is a cleaned up combination of the existing props, in dark and in normal colours, also has light set and tracks, id say a lot easier for animating.


Alright, i’ll try to work in the new club signs this week :)
Is it possible to connect a content pack to our running project?

props! monorail, signage, plants

you can create a dependency… or something i havent tried yet but suspect may work – copy over the png and pb files for each prop/set of props – according to what folders they are supposed to be in… … might work – the uncooked link is on the steampage if you want to try it.

props! monorail, signage, plants

Yes, you can create a dependency. Then you add the props from the pack its dependent on, essentially the same way you currently add props from the official material.

The downside is that players then need to manually download both packs.

From my personal preference, I would prefer to keep everything in a single package (easier to update / maintain), but they are your art so ultimately its your call.

props! monorail, signage, plants

whatever gets the job done – the dependency thing sounds like it has the potential to be a big buggy mess. if theres a quick way to add all the props to the snes content pack then do that

props! monorail, signage, plants

If you send me the uncompiled content pack I can easily copy it over.

props! monorail, signage, plants

dropbox link for uncooked

props! monorail, signage, plants

Thanks. I’ll copy it over as soon as I get the chance.
Probably not until the weekend though.

props! monorail, signage, plants
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