SNES Shadowrun


Thanks to Foh we have a sizable update today.
I merged in his scenes for the Rust Stiletto’s Lair, outside of Bremerton, and the Downtown Doctor with a hard to spell name.
Currently the module needs to be tested from start to finish to look for obvious bugs.
Anytime I merge in changes, there is the chance I’ll break something.
If one of you has the time to do a quick speed walk through and look for obvious issues it would be appreciated.
I will look into balancing the NPCs for the Stiletto’s lair (and possibly the Rat Shaman) this week though this is a VERY busy week for me. :(


Only two oddities that jump out at me so far:

1) The entrance to the cemetary at 10th street is a speech bubble instead of the square pad thing with triangles on it.

2) Sometimes when transitioning to a new scene, the first thing it does when I arrive at the new scene is my character is reaching his arm out towards where he just came from (doing the “activate/investigate/open door” motion).


I’ve been trying to find a good solution for the reaching, but don’t have one yet.
I’m sure its something obvious though…

The cemetery entrance was probably an oversight.



The campaign isn’t updated yet, it still says 8/26 is the last update. Also, I tried to do a new game to do a speed run and when I went to Chrome Coyote I had the same bug happen twice in a row, I think it may be a glitch in the main software but when I use the medkit on him and then try to talk to him, it locks up and then I click the menu power button on and off, and then it loads the dialog, but then after the dialog it locks up again, I can’t pan or anything or click anywhere, the game is still running but I can’t do anything but load a game or quit. I’m going to try and quit the game and restart a campaign to see what happens.

Its weird that it is still showing 8/26 so I think I may need to quit and restart the game or something.


Yeah, we are investigating that chrome coyote thing but so far have no clue what causes it or how we can avoid it :(
Your description of the problem sounds a bit different from how i experienced it tho: When i play the game only locks up after the dialog, not after using the medkit… it keeps getting weirder…


Did you try using hitting the menu power button like I did? It semi locks up after the initial dialog, but then I hit the menu power button, then again to close the menu and it continues the dialog and the coyote disappears, but then the screen won’t pan and its locked up. I did a quick run through of the rest of the game and it seems to work just fine, I like that I was able to finally go to the sewers and kill the rat king, did I miss something? Was I supposed to talk to someone to get his name? Also, I play through the SNES version all the time, so there is a bunch of little differences, like where furniture is placed, little dialog things, do you care about that? I could make a quick list and email it to you. I’m really excited with this remake and I’d like to help you on this and on doing a proper sequel, with the help of hair brained schemes and the original teams ideas for the sequel.


Just a quick reply from my tablet.
The menu button “fixes” it for me as well about half the time. We still need the why though.
Furniture placement – any particularly glaring places? I try to keep fairly close but some places vary based on need or look or even required additions (such as in the alley and some dead ends)
Dialogue – any differences you spot might be because there are 3 different versions of the game. We are a mix between two of them with some extra options thrown in.
We welcome a list of any vaiations


Gah, my tablet went a little insane while typing… we welcome any observations you have. We wont promise to implement it, but we will certainly consider it.
Also any comments on enemy spawn locations are particularly helpful.
Your help is certainly welcome as well! Would you like any invitation to join?


Some different placements of stuff come from the different game engine. SRR doesn’t support different height levels and SNES had no cover system.

To your rat shaman related question: usually you get the quest to kill him from the dog spirit at the docks. but since these aren’t done yet the rat shaman just happens to be there in the tunnel without deeper purpose :)

Any kind of feedback is always welcome!

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