SNES Shadowrun

Bug Fixes. And call for status

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hamfist hiring logic to remove repetitive checks
  • Fixed Jangadance hiring conversation
  • Added Jangadance to on enter hiring conversations
  • Adding music (more or less randomly chosen) to outside Tenth Street scenes and Grim Reaper club
  • Cleaned up old / unused functions from Office Block
  • Fixed “free Karma/Nuyen” bug in Office Block. Fix: Remove tags which grant karma/nuyen. Better Fix Idea: Trigger tags on HP less than or equal to 0 rather than target kills triggering target
  • Verified that Hamfist is hire-able and will join party. He joins when you leave the club. If he still doesn’t join you on v1.2.6 let me know.
  • Fixed (in theory) “Kitsune Leaves party” issue. Unverified.
  • Fixed logic in Grim Reaper Patron conversation.


Anyone start working on their scenes yet?
I expect to finish Old Town this weekend (minus arena) and then map the outside of Downtown.
Let me know!


You can download the current pack from here
The link goes to a rar file on google docs. You should load it into the editor and make any additions you need to do directly into it. I’ll merge the files later.

The earlier version I was handing out was stripped down / gutted. This is the full version so you can see sample logic, etc. Please do not edit any of the existing scenes (unless you are the creator of them), or you are otherwise assigned to them. If you do the changes might be lost.


At the moment i am going slow.
Haven’t started to work on Bremerton in the editor or done further stuff to the Ratshaman’s Lair yet. But i started to check what stuff needs to be put into Bremerton.
I expect to make good progress again next week.

Bug Fixes. And call for status

I haven’t started on mine yet wither. I’m still having problems getting the game to work on my computer so I haven’t really had the opportunity to dive into the editor yet. I’ll let you know what happens on my end but if it comes down to it, I’ll give up my sections to someone who is ready for them.

Bug Fixes. And call for status

At the moment you have time before anyone is ready to snipe them. Hopefully you will get the game working soon!

Bug Fixes. And call for status
ledeir ledeir

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