SNES Shadowrun

Bug Fixes...


I really wanted to have something obvious and new to show, but sadly things conspired against me.
I figured I would quickly implement and test hiring logic so that Hamfist would stop disappearing and instead I spent the whole night on it and related changes.

- Added variables for hireling tracking (even if the NPCs aren’t available yet)
- Added hiring logic to Tenth Street.
Note: Hireling won’t leave immediately when inside a building. That will be added in the future. Hamfist seems to work, but also seems to be buggy. If he does anything unexpected let me know so I can narrow down the cause.
- Fixed player spawn location logic on TS Center, TS Office Block
- Disabled reoccurring spawn in some locations. (until I have a better method)
- Fixed Tenth Street Station so you can return to Old Town.


ledeir ledeir

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