SNES Shadowrun

1.2.3 The Monorail and Me.

Just trying for a creative subject, even if it means ignoring grammar.

Version 1.2.3 is published.

Enemy Changes
- Down powered Tenth Street Enemies.

Old Town Changes
- Added conversation to Weapon Shop. You cannot purchase yet.

- I added the monorail station to Old Town and Tenth Street. This is a ROUGH draft. I need to fix up the camera’s, deal with black space, etc.

I expect to include more changes tomorrow so I haven’t done a thorough bug-hunt walk through.

The pictures aren’t that exciting, but here they are if you want.

Tenth Street Monorail lobby
Srr tenth monorail

Tenth Street AND Old Town Platform. (They were identical!)
Srr ot rail to ts

Old Town Lobby
Srr ot rail entrance

Old Town Platform for Down Town (which is just a rotated version of the other platform)
Srr ot rail to dt

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll make some more exciting maps tomorrow.


ledeir ledeir

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