SNES Shadowrun

Version 1.2.2 Published

Another update has been published!
I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I would have liked.

Foh provided an updated version of the Rat Shaman Lair. Its looking good.
I only added one new building, and it was a tiny one.

Srr ot weapons

Rat Shaman Updates
- Fixed Teleporters
- Made Rat Shaman an Ork to stand out.
- Boss room is a separate scene
- Combat ends on zone teleport.

Tenth Street Updates
- Rebalanced (and renamed) snipers and hitmen.
- Rebalanced Heavy Dudes. May be too strong.
- Rebalanced Mages and adjusted behavior. May be too strong.
- Fixed Office Block to properly modify spawn chance based on Decker’s presence.

Old Town Updates
- Added Enemy Spawn zone on External map
- Added Vivyan’s Weapon shop (conversation and store not implemented yet)

Configuration Properties
- Implemented (but not tested) Spawn Chance Configuration

Sleep Interaction Changes
- Added the ability to adjust spawn rate to sleep interaction
- Fixed so that ALL runners are healed, not just Jake.


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