SNES Shadowrun


Continuing my daily reports.
I made minor cosmetic changes to Tenth Street.


  • Shrank Scale of Tenth Street Town Center
  • Shrank Scale of Tenth Street Alley
  • Slightly Shrank Office Block region A.
  • Deleted Old Version of Tenth Street Office block. (it was just wasting space)

To Do

  • Consider Shrinking The Cage Club
  • Consider Shrinking The Grim Reaper Club by one.

This makes it slightly quicker to move and makes the Morgue less huge. I did not publish these changes yet, because I didn’t thoroughly verify that they didn’t break anything.

As for other plans this week, I’ll hopefully rebalance the level by the weekend as well as add a couple more Old Town locations.

Anything you send me by Saturday should make it into the next version.


I got some work done on the ratshaman’s lair. Will send it tomorrow.


I look forward to seeing it.

ledeir ledeir

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