SNES Shadowrun

Ham and Rats

Tenth Street Fixes

  • Fixed Office Block Spawn Rate
  • Fixed Hamfist Hiring on Office Block
  • Adjusted Waypoints on Office Block
  • Fixed Hiring conversation
  • Changed Hamfist’s weapon to a Level 1 shotgun
  • Added Gate outside Jake’s apartment

ADDED: Rat Shaman Lair (thanks Foh!)

Recommended Improvements

  • The Boss room should probably be its own scene (save point).
  • The Shaman should be more obvious
  • On teleport, kill all actors in team gangers in a given camera region.


Nice work.

Will you be using the new Jake portrait done by [SxyClwn] Hammins over on steamworks?


Ham and Rats

Probably not. I want the connection to Dead Man’s Switch to be obvious and using the default Jake image will help with that.

Ham and Rats

There’s no Dead Man’s switch versions of the portrait with and without shades is there?

Ham and Rats

They just have the one portrait.
I don’t think the editor can support changing the main players portrait, though that is something worth investigating. Coyote was handled by different versions of her spawner whereas the save file stores the character info for a player.
On the plus side, you have given me an idea. I need to see how the main campaign made use of the brotherhood disguises and if I can duplicate that for once you get the badge. I doubt it will be difficult and it fits nicely with re-working the armor system down the line.

Ham and Rats
ledeir ledeir

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