SNES Shadowrun

Small update

I’ve been working on balancing and I think I know what I’m going to do. More detail will follow later!


Here’s the latest Jake. His survivability is MUCH higher. He has no trouble with the first Ork. He can handle the random hitmen / sniper spawns just fine though they need to be fixed as well. I am going to swap the stats for the snipers and hitmen. Snipers will be the ones who spawn more rarely and use guns while hitmen will be designed to use melee attacks.
Srr jake


I’m also reworking Hamfist but due to a silly error on my part couldn’t test him last night. So he may change substantially. Also, we will soon have his art! (woot!)
Srr hamfist


  • Updated Jake’s stats
  • Updated Hamfist’s stats
  • Prevented hire prompt from presenting an already hired runner as an option

Newly found bugs

  • Hire dialogue on location enter does not present a suitable option for when you do not have any contacts.
  • Waypoints to mark scene transitions aren’t functioning properly. The scene transition is supposed to trigger before you can interact with them to avoid the animation.
  • Need to fix the snipers outside Jake’s. Perhaps make a gate they can pass through.
  • Switching back and forth between Office Block Camera A and B can be used to gain karma. I need to add an if condition to character death.


ledeir ledeir

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