SNES Shadowrun

Steam fails me!

I slaved away working on improvements and steam fails me.
I’m not entirely surprised, but still its annoying.
All those updates and the 24,000 subscribers can’t see them because it created a new content pack.

I’m not going to make everyone resubscribe again, so for now only friends can see the latest.
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Additional Scenes

  • Caryards (excluding Arena) are implemented.
  • Old Town Outside Maps is implemented.
  • Ed’s Patch and Fix is implemented.

Ed’s Alley
Srr ot doc alley

Ed’s Shop
Srr ot doc shop

Next Update May Include

  • More Old Town buildings
  • Rat Shaman Lair
  • Dark Blade Mansion


  • Dog spirit is visible after it disapears
  • Prologue not functioning properly. 75% working now.
  • Problems with area transitions. Verified ALL buildings work.
  • Ineffective attacks on alley ork
  • Cemetery gates won’t open
  • Freeze on loading Grim Reaper Club
  • Enemys respawning is excessive. Now spawn once per “scene”.
  • Multiples of objects (paperweight, deck in glutmans office)
  • Glutman in booth. He’s tricky to get, but he shows up when he’s supposed to!
  • Dog returns multiple times
  • Fix “partially made” buildings.
  • Cemetery would freeze after interacting with Shaman
  • Wandering NPCs wander even during combat. They now stand there. Future versions will have them flee.
  • NPCs wait for the player to move first
  • Decker moves on conversation end or approach
  • Wrong cyberdeck received. Sony is the starter deck.
  • Scene transition markers
  • Fixed Sassie and Glutman’s Secretary conversations

Open Issues

  • Drones from imported character are not available. This is CORRECT, imported characters shouldn’t have their gear.
  • “Gear Storage Room” to give imported character back their gear
  • On death, enemy AI loops
  • Snipers are attacking with their fists not guns.
  • Explain Karma gain
  • Hamfist doesn’t meet minimum weapon requirements
  • Jake missing required ettiquettes. He should have 2 with charimsa 4.
  • Enemies more deadly than Jake. The module needs to be balanced.
  • Indian Shaman body doesn’t get deleted.
  • Scale it down and make “full buildings”
  • Objective markers with directions
  • Help Mode with quests and tips.
  • Prologue gangers wander around for a few turns before leaving.
  • Jake doesn’t disapear after death in the prologue.
  • Prologue doesn’t focus on fox
  • Dog in town center is not passive. Your movement freezes while he acts.
  • You are turn based in the cemetery crypts when there are no enemies immediately present.
  • Enemy spawn rooms are spawning constant numbers of enemies. This needs to be randomized.
  • Enter building conversation needs cancel option.
  • Office Block spawn rate needs to be adjusted. Spawn zones were combined but the rate wasn’t modified to reflect that.
  • Map location spawners are inefficient. They teleport each actor individually instead of utilizing “team shadowrun”
  • Phone conversations don’t display the proper picture. (need to follow Mcdougle’s advise)
  • Add findable drone to Caryards to enable rigger characters.


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