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Sorry for my second random disappearance. The official release of the game came at the worst possible time! One day BEFORE I had to leave on vacation. I didn’t want to advertise to the world that I was going to be away for a week, which is why I didn’t post a better explanation.

Though I was away from a computer and limited to a tablet, I was VERY busy on steam responding to messages, bug reports, suggestions, etc.

I am now BACK and should be posting regularly again – at least once a week probably much more.

Here is some of the stuff I have been working on since returning


I have a reasonably long list of bugs people have encountered while playing the module. These are the ones I think I fixed. I won’t know for sure until my thorough testing tomorrow.

Region Scene Bug Notes
Prologue The Prologue was completely broken It is mostly working now, though Jake doesn’t disappear
Tenth Street Alley Attacks against the Ork are ineffective.
Tenth Street Alley Dog spirit is visible after it disappears
Tenth Street Alley Dog returns multiple times
Tenth Street Town Center Decker waits for you before moving Decker no longer pauses before running off on conversation end
Tenth Street Town Center Civilians wander during combat
Tenth Street Office Block Fix partially made buildings It looked horrible. I rearranged the map to make it less obvious
Tenth Street Office Block Cemetery Gates don’t work
Tenth Street Glutman’s Building Obtaining duplicate items You can now only get one cyberdeck and paperweight
Tenth Street Glutman’s Office Wrong cyberdeck You now get the Level 1 Sony cyberdeck
Tenth Street Cemetery Game freezes after Shaman interaction
Tenth Street Outside Maps Suggestion: mark paths which lead to new maps to remove trial and error I added scene transition icons

Open / Untested Bugs / Suggestions

  • On death the enemy AI continually loops.
  • Issues traveling between locations (you teleport to random places)
  • Snipers are attacking with fists not guns.
  • Excessive enemy respawns on outside maps.
  • Glutman isn’t showing up in the booth
  • Hamfist doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for his weapon.
  • Jake is missing his etiquettes, which charisma 4 he should have two.
  • Enemies are MUCH more deadly than Jake. The module needs to be balanced.
  • The injured Indian Shaman’s body in the cemetery doesn’t get removed after he is healed.
  • Suggestion: Imported characters don’t have their gear. Implement a method for them to get it.
  • Suggestion: Add questions / objectives / explanations
  • Suggestion: Modify sniper interactions. Either tone it down or trigger it on map load.
  • Suggestion: Scale down the maps. Don’t be as true to scale.

Map Design

One of the suggestions a few people echoed was scale down the maps. They don’t need to be so excessively large. I want to keep this mostly true to the original, but there is definitely some worth to making them more manageable.

To that intent, I mapped out old town on a smaller scale. Its still pretty large, but I’m guessing its about 2/3 the size of the original. Tell me your thoughts!

SNES Old Town

SRR Old Town
Srr ot outside


As you can guess from the map design header, OLD TOWN!
I have mapped the basic outside layout for old town. It is slightly smaller than the SNES scale but I think it looks good. I also got creative on the shop buildings. I need other people’s opinions on those. I had fun, but they aren’t as neat or clean as other buildings.

Shops Closeup:
Srr ot outside shops

Aside from that, with the exception of the area, all NPCs and conversations are implemented in the caryards. I need to “dirty up” the map a bit, bit it will be linked to in the next release.

Release Plans

I haven’t heard much from people with respect to their given parts. I hadn’t expected to, since it take time to get used to the editor. Remember, every Friday, send me anything you think is ready to be included. You can still patch it and update it later, I run a file diff to merge them. It sounds like we will have the Rat Shaman’s layer ready next week.

This weeks new additions will be the caryards and a good chunk of old town. It will also include all the above bug fixes. I will publish it tomorrow night. Hopefully the republishing issue is resolved…

That’s all for now!


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