SNES Shadowrun

Tenth Street Draft

Say hello to Decker and his Hellhound friend.

This minute long clip includes “Jake” leaving the Morgue and being approached by Decker. Then the player wanders off and frees the dog.

Known Issues

  • The movement isn’t properly synced, it looks like they are moving in combat time.
  • The dog is actually a hellhound model. There is no dog model.
  • The Northern buildings are not built yet. I’m not sure which tiles to use.
  • The random NPCs aren’t there yet.
  • There’s a random building block near the stairs and I have no idea where its from.


  • Do I map out ALL the streets in a single map? Or do I compartmentalize them like the SNES game?


I think it depends on how you will implement combat as the snes version triggered random encounters on the loading of new areas. Also, some tiles wouldn’t mesh well if they were connected (I think the graveyard, docks and street to the club are at night and the rest is day?)

Tenth Street Draft

Hmmm, that is an excellent question teethkicker. I haven’t been looking closely enough to see if some sections are night as opposed to day.

The graveyard and docks would certainly be their own sections. Not sure about the section outside the club.

The random encounters deserve a post all to themselves. The gist of it is this though.

  • Combat puts the game into turn based time. This is terrible for exploring.
  • There will be trap triggers scattered throughout the maps. This will trigger the hitmen encounters.
  • The trap triggers can be set to occur at specific intervals and do not require the map to be reloaded to reset.

Thanks for the comments!

Tenth Street Draft
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