SNES Shadowrun

The Editor!

I have received the editor and successfully made a map!
Its a poor map… But its a start.
Its rather tricky to work with the graphics, more so than expected, but then again, we were warned about it!

The SNES Morgue Scene
Snes morgue
Snes morgue2

The SRR Morgue Scene (Rough draft!)
I need to look through the tileset more thoroughly.
I was able to run around the map, but it had issues!
(This is a screenshot from the editor, not the game)
Srr morgue



The basic layout seems to be similar enough. I’ve just bought SRR on Steam, so I’ll be able to tinker with the editor soon. From what I can see on the screenshots, I like how they actually have a processing limit bar (extrapolating) on the top-right. It should help us with optimization and lag control.

The Editor!
ledeir ledeir

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