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Phone call with Mitch

I managed to snag 15 minutes of Mitch’s time for a quick chat on the project and I see good things in the future.

Once Dragonfall releases, and things calm down at HBS, Mitch offered to have one of his guys play through and give us feedback.

Its an offer that’s too good to refuse. Hopefully none of our followers will object if we delay our release to make our module even better.

(PS – He also upped my excitement about Dragonfall end of January)


heh yeh the Dragonfall is pretty exciting eh :D really curious as to how they are gonna implement the ‘open world’ … i got a start on my plans to spruce up the maps… using my content pack as a dependency just got 10th street first map sorta done

also had a look at the jester realm its pretty good really mostly true to scale and design of the original maybe a bit clean if anything. changes come to mind would be making it a place that is partly astral – as part of this astral theme im thinking of making some astral ‘wall tiles’ and floor decoration tiles – checkered looking things… harlequin motif stuff … the walls could move about a bit during combat as cover for both jester and the player – making the battle slightly confusing

so my thoughts are for us to get everything smoothed out – up to and including the first boss fight so we can maximize the gain from their playthrough/feedback. everything after that will be lolly eh

Phone call with Mitch

I’m definitely liking the look of those screenshots.
Did you add them to the latest shared file? V1.8.something?
I’m just trying to think how easy it will be to merge it into the released version…

Phone call with Mitch

what im doing is editing the maps from v 1.8.9 that you put on the dropbox, any props with triggers attached to them im leaving on the outside of the map. ive resized and moved around a few of the region triggers when needed.

im guessing it would be possible to select all (just) the props and copy/paste them to the master copy of the content pack. or some sytem like that… or re-editing my version of the content pack.. im not sure of the best way

at the end of the day – the biggest amount of work would be resolving props that already had triggers and scripting attached to them – (then rechecking that nothing is broken)

ill put a copy on the drobox marked 1.8.9B so you can have a look

Phone call with Mitch

its a .rar file in the geeked folder

Phone call with Mitch

working on the 10th street alley!

Phone call with Mitch

As long as the updated files are in the drop box, I’ll see about merging this in on the weekend.

Phone call with Mitch

give us several hours… my plan is to get all of 10th street exterior done in one go… plus the morgue… and maybe the restaurant… whats the map called that is the spot next to the train line in 10th street? (if you dont get back to me in time ill just make the newer version and leave it outside the 10th street central map)

Phone call with Mitch

I believe I called it “JakesApartment”
It was before I came up with a proper naming convention.

Phone call with Mitch

slight miscalculation there … im gonna get everything in the 10th street part of the game done before i upload the files eh … i broke the triggers travelling from the cage to 10th street office block (and back) somehow. but everything else seems to continue working ok so far. also im only editing the first version of each map as it appears in the editor list… im using my content pack as a dependency atm though after copying over the (snes) (pikeplace) props – itll be a matter of tracking down which ones out of (syndicate) and (sushibar) are being used …. this is becoming an epic mapping session lol cage and and grim reaper club are looking tops :D .. stay tuned

Phone call with Mitch

ive put the version C on dropbox , updated the props – uncooked = a lot of it still needs work, and much will probably be a bit darkly lit. but it IS a noir story so people might like that

ive think come up with a solution to the old school doors – an idea at least … 2wx3h (standard wall) sized doorframe that is passable with doors that are normal sized – but have 3 wide block vision, impassable, unshootable properties. if it works it should mean that the doorframes will fit in all standard wall tiles and not need a billion versions to fit each wall set.

i also have to redo the ‘ares’ neon sign – the glow isnt transparent enough for my liking – maybe just delete it till i come up with a better version?

had a bit of a play around with the glutmans office map – side story of= the corpse in the elevator was being guarded by the lonestar who in turn got geeked by the killer :P which in turn could lead to a mini mission of going upstairs and figuring out who the killer is. or not lol – im easy if you just delete the corpses.

in hindsight … the extra building i added next to grim reaper club is also screaming out for some gameplay options – closed for fumigation – is the quickest solution… though i think it would be perfect for a hamfist side-quest – some fetch quest (his trusty old cyberdeck?) that earns free hiring of hamfist?

the 10th street restaurant needs a different enemy spawn trigger now – that they appear when you step past the bar – also it would be good to overhear a conversation on 1st visit – something along the lines of

‘yo man we got the cash lets split!’
‘you sayin you dont like beer?’
‘free beer aint so free if you gotta carry it home now is it?’
‘at-chan you said it’
‘what about the yaks?’
‘i aint scared of no yaks, not now we on the payroll of the bigman’
‘hey someones here! frag em! no witnesses!’

and every other time you visit ‘frag em!’

that or they are yakuza trying to find out who killed the restaurant staff

i dunno the explanation of the dead guy there is needed imo – probably good to put a corpse behind the bar too. its the problem with the original game throwing in enemies everywhere – they arent explained properly.

along the same lines of story expansion – it would be nice to have a – 2nd visit to the morgue would have gangers there searching for armitages corpse – saying the boss is furious because the bigman wants his head – literally – and the boss hasnt told bigman they lost the corpse yet. the hitmen who ‘killed’ armitage have already been punished with death… – logically, drake really wants a copy of the ai_killer and would send his own security forces if he knew the gangers failed to retrieve it.

and later when attacking the gangers base – have some yakuza turn up and lend a hand?

anyways heres hoping the map integration isnt a drama :D

Phone call with Mitch

I’m hoping to update the maps tonight.
For now I’m going to focus on the existing content.
We need to finish the game before we expand on it.
I’ll certainly keep your ideas in mind for the future though ;)

Phone call with Mitch
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