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Beta Release Goal


I figured I should officially announce my goal for the module.

Hong Kong is scheduled for August of this year. Since we will most likely be mirroring this module in Hong Kong (Dragonfall will remain the main release), I have set a goal of having a fully end to end playable version by June or July. (Matrix may or may not be implemented)

Does anyone have a good reason why we can’t make this goal? Any thoughts or concerns?

Let me know.


all about how time people can spend eh – i have finally put together a set of props for the drake boss fight – also made the maps and design document for Aneki towers – so its pretty much down to scripting now ?

Beta Release Goal

Drake Boss Props? NICE! You should share pictures on the facebook page if you haven’t already!

Mapped out Aneki? EXCELLENT!

I’m hoping I’ll be able to focus enough to work soon… This cold is really wearing me down… Its all I can do to go to work.

Beta Release Goal

oh aye – yeh check the dropbox folder (geeked) the props are in (more geeked) and the Aneki map is called ‘Taetzel’ cause i couldnt change the name – should be already in the reeboot pack

Beta Release Goal

Amazingly… I’m aiming mercurial for a same window release. I’m pushing out the alpha on it here in the next week or so… Then should be able to pop back over and finish polishing the volcano and lend a hand with Akeni, should you guys still need it.

You’ve got my respect for sticking with this project for the duration… Mercurial is a tiny project by comparison… And we had about a 75% turnover rate on our original staff.

Beta Release Goal

I’m very stubborn ;) Once I start I don’t have a choice but to finish!

Unfortunately this means I’m back-burnering a lot of projects until I get my act together enough to bring this to beta at least. (If you are curious, next project after this being a “town app” for shadows of brimstone followed by a Dresden Files themed living card game)

Oh, and I consider beta “story complete”. So the game will be playable end to end. We will still add various features and improvements though. And the bug fixes…

Dave, I fully understand you needing to work on Mercurial! Don’t worry about that. And we certainly still need a hand with Aneki.

And I still need to add one of the hireable runners…. Thanks for reminding me!

Also, you were a great inspiration for my recent Drake Tower cleanup. Now my functions are actually sorted and somewhat understandable ;)

I am currently planning to work more on the module tonight… Though I might get distracted by the newest SRO update…

We also need a matrix guru… Otherwise I’m considering waiting to fully flesh out the matrix in beta… (since we planned on making hacking using the SRR interface optional, giving people the choice just to use conversation interfaces)

Beta Release Goal

Hey, I’m back. Seems like we need some more testing (and seems like we’re good on the data dump front). Just let me know and I’ll do my best.

Beta Release Goal

Welcome back Vegetaman!

I haven’t been posting enough updates here lately… I have been putting small updates out on the mod.

I need to step into gear and finish up Drake Tower. ONE floor to go.

Then my plan was to finish adding Akimi and add downtown enemy spawners before doing a full walkthrough myself.

Then while I’m doing that hopefully someone will work on Aneki hint hint

Beta Release Goal

I’ve been busy with work and school so I’d layed low until now, where I have a bit of free time over summer until school and work kicks up again, so hopefully I can give you some testing assistance!

I am just okay with the editor; not sure I could make the Aneki tower very worthy by my own hand. Unless you were cough-ing at somebody else, lol.

Beta Release Goal

The coughing was at someone else, don’t worry ;)

Beta Release Goal
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